A Look At Dvd hrink Wrap Systems

A Look at​ DVD Shrink Wrap Systems
Shrink wrap machines use plastics to​ protect items from moisture and​ dirt during storage or​ transport .​
The plastic film is​ wrapped around the​ item and​ then the​ film is​ heated .​
It shrinks and​ conforms to​ the​ shape of​ the​ item, forming a​ barrier between the​ product and​ outside hazards .​
Shrink wrap systems may be small and​ manually operated for​ the​ home business, or​ large-scale automated machines used by shipping companies .​
Automatic machines can process more items and​ hour than their smaller counterparts.
DVDs can be easily shrink wrapped for​ a​ professional look that protects the​ DVD from the​ environment .​
Machines designed to​ shrink wrap DVDs work more efficiently than generic hand-held shrink wrapping systems .​
Some machines shrink wrap only DVDs; others can shrink wrap both DVDs and​ CDs .​
Machines specifically designed for​ DVDs are typically cheaper than dual systems, and​ can be purchased for​ under $5,000 .​
To shrink wrap a​ DVD with a​ shrink wrap machine, place a​ precut plastic cover on the​ machine's platform, and​ then place the​ DVD on top of​ the​ plastic .​
Close the​ machine's cover to​ heat seal the​ DVD .​
The sealing temperature is​ electronically controlled by the​ machine .​
These semi-automatic machines can shrink wrap about 200 DVDs an​ hour .​
Automated machines work twice as​ fast, shrink wrapping about 400 DVDs an​ hour .​
More expensive, fully automatic machines can shrink wrap about 55 CDs or​ DVDs a​ minute, or​ about 3000 an​ hour .​
These machines cost about $16,000, but can also handle films other than plastic .​
Paper or​ cardboard could also be used, for​ example .​
Automated high throughput machines are portable and​ can sit on tables, taking up less space than floor-bound machines, but the​ table-top machines can shrink wrap DVDs and​ a​ comparable rate .​
Several online stores sell all kinds of​ DVD shrink wrap systems at​ wholesale prices .​
These Web sites sell both the​ machines and​ the​ films need to​ shrink wrap DVDs .​
There you will find everything you need to​ package DVDS with a​ professional look.

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