A Local Web Host That Offers No Phone Support

A Local Web Host That Offers No Phone Support

When considering to​ get a​ web hosting, most of​ the​ people I talk to​ start with setting a​ budget. the​ next thing they look at​ is​ whether they should get a​ foreign or​ a​ local web hosting provider.

In most instances, foreign web hosting companies offer similar services at​ lower prices. at​ first glance, it​ does seem that it​ doesn't make any sense to​ buy from a​ local web hosting provider. at​ this point, customers should be aware of​ the​ following checks.

One, test the​ speed of​ the​ servers by doing a​ ping test. "Ping what?" When you perform a​ ping test, you are using a​ utility to​ forward data packets to​ test the​ quality of​ a​ connection to​ a​ machine from where you reside.

You can run a​ ping test from the​ DOS command using Windows. Click Start > Run and​ type in​ "cmd" (without the​ quotation marks). a​ Dos window should be launched. in​ the​ Dos prompt, enter "ping www.your-test-host.com".

When you do that, your machine will send 4 data packets and​ you should see the​ response time of​ the​ reply from the​ web server. Pay attention to​ the​ Approximate Round Trip in​ milli-seconds. Our local servers average 34ms. a​ ping test on a​ server residing in​ the​ United States average 289ms.

Sometimes, packets are dropped due to​ a​ poor quality connection. in​ such cases, you should see a​ "Request Timed Out" in​ one or​ more of​ the​ replies. Note that there are exceptions. Some servers run protection software that prevents outsiders from pinging their servers.

Most customers can live with the​ difference in​ milli-seconds. However, if​ the​ servers are unstable or​ unreliable, it​ becomes a​ big turn off. the​ second check on your checklist is​ to​ double check the​ reliability of​ the​ servers. Most reputable web hosting companies come with a​ 99.9% server uptime guarantee. They claim to​ have backup hardware for​ almost everything and​ if​ something goes wrong, the​ standby kicks in​ immediately.

I'm sure you would immediately recognize the​ challenge of​ verifying such claims. One way to​ do this is​ to​ sign up for​ the​ cheapest package from the​ company and​ upload a​ website. Use a​ monitoring tool to​ monitor the​ downtime of​ their web servers. Some of​ them come free and​ some come with a​ small monthly fee. I get an​ alert from http://www.internetseer.com if​ my website goes down and​ another alert when it​ goes back up. It's free to​ signup and​ you only pay if​ you want their advance reports.

However, this takes time and​ if​ you are in​ a​ hurry, a​ convenient way of​ assessing a​ provider's reliability is​ to​ depend of​ reviews. You can get pretty good feedback from online forums. http://www.sgwebhostingtalk.com and​ http://www.sgwebmasterforum.com are a​ couple of​ active local forums for​ web hosting reviews. for​ foreign host reviews, I would personally recommend http://www.webhostingtalk.com or​ http://www.webhostingforum.com. if​ you come across any deals over the​ Internet and​ would like to​ check up on these companies, be sure to​ make a​ search on these forums.

You should also make it​ a​ point to​ check how long the​ web hosting company has been in​ business. Some big companies may setup smaller companies to​ offer lower prices to​ acquire customers. They vanish after a​ few years and​ the​ customers are acquired by the​ parent company and​ they end up paying higher prices.

Do some detective work by doing a​ whois search at​ http://www.internic.net/whois.html. a​ whois search reveals information about the​ registrant of​ the​ domain name. the​ creation date should throw some light on how long the​ company has been in​ business. for​ .sg domains, visit http://www.sgnic.sg. Although this is​ not 100% accurate, it's a​ fast way of​ learning something about a​ company. if​ you are still not convinced, start looking at​ the​ customers that they have. You may even go as​ far as​ emailing some of​ them to​ ask for​ their feedback.

After doing all that, there is​ still one last issue to​ look into. Be sure to​ check out the​ support that the​ web hosting company is​ offering. I was dismayed when I heard a​ local company say that they don't offer phone support. I personally felt phone support would be one critical competitive advantage over foreign companies who usually offer cheaper prices. I want to​ know I can call someone if​ my web server goes down and​ a​ foreign company may not be able to​ offer that convenience.

Most decent web hosting companies should at​ least have an​ active forum, a​ well documented knowledge base and​ a​ ticketing response system in​ place. Nowadays, many even come with Live Chat for​ faster response time. Test out those tools by sending them an​ email to​ chatting with a​ Live Chat operator to​ ensure that they live up to​ their promises.

So there you go, three checks on your checklist to​ choose a​ web hosting provider. in​ this article, you've learnt how to​ check the​ speed and​ reliability as​ well as​ the​ support systems of​ a​ of​ a​ web hosting provider.

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