A Little Slice Of Eternity Spirituality Information

It was many years ago. The boy was not more than ten years old as​ he stood beside the man that early morning. They were both standing on the shore of​ the Atlantic looking east toward the rising sun. The chill morning air caused a​ slight shiver to​ run through the boy. The man, seeming to​ know without even looking, took off his jacket and draped it​ over the small shoulders of​ his son. They walked up to​ the water's edge as​ the man spoke: "You see that wide expanse of​ water? it​ is​ made of​ billions of​ gallons, and each gallon is​ made of​ tens of​ thousands of​ drops."

The little boy seemed curious. "And what are the drops made of?" he asked.

With a​ smile, the man replied: "The drops are made of​ smaller and smaller drops, and each in​ turn is​ made of​ bits and pieces of​ things that make the very world we live in."

"What am I made of, Dad?" the boy asked after a​ short while. "Am I made of​ the same stuff as​ the ocean?"

The father smiled as​ he replied: "Everything is​ made of​ everything else, and everything is​ a​ part of​ other things. as​ you stand here this morning, you are a​ part of​ this land, this shore, this ocean. Look at​ that tree, the sky. They are parts of​ the very me and the eternal "I". There is​ a​ force that keeps us together. Some call that force God, others, Allah, Jehovah, or​ Jove. There are a​ thousand names for this force, but it​ doesn't matter what it's called. it​ just is. as​ you grow older and wiser, you will find the stirring of​ this mighty force within you. You will know that it's always there, and that you're safe and happy within it."

The boy, with a​ puzzled expression, looked at​ his father and asked: "How can this force, this God, be within me and at​ the same time be in​ everything else I see?"

"Because," the man replied, "God is​ in​ everything and everyone. God is​ in​ you and in​ me, in​ those gulls you see over there, in​ the sand under our feet and the lilies of​ the field. God is​ everywhere and everything, and there cannot be two everything. God is​ a​ part of​ you just like the drop of​ water is​ a​ part of​ this ocean. Remember this well and you will grow up to​ have a​ sense of​ peace, joy and understanding."

Decades have passed since I stood on that shore with my father. I have since traveled to​ many countries, lived in​ various cultures, and experienced deep sorrow and great joy. I have seen the best and the worst of​ my fellow human beings, Yet, through it​ all, I could hear the voice of​ my father telling me: "God is​ everywhere and everything, and there cannot be two everything."

As a​ young boy, I grew up in​ a​ small village of​ Hindus, Christians, Moslems and others. I learned at​ a​ very early age that all people are shipmates on the common voyage of​ life and that one cannot sink one's shipmates without sinking oneself. as​ I studied the Vedic writings and compared them with the words of​ the Hebrew prophets and the teachings of​ the New Testament Apostles, I found that the common thread running through them all was love. The greatest commandment ever given was "Love your God and love one another" - all others are simply variations on that theme.

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