A Guide To Wood Flooring

A Guide To Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is​ beautiful and increases the value of​ your home. They continue to​ be loved more than stone flooring or​ slate flooring. Wood has depth and warmth that looks great and gives your home a​ warm feeling.

A variety of​ choices are available in​ both hard woods and other wood types. The type of​ wood you will choose depends on your personal preference and the décor of​ your home. Wood is​ suitable for nearly every room in​ your home. it​ may not be best in​ kitchens and bathrooms due to​ the amount of​ moisture found in​ these areas.

Choices in​ Wood Flooring

Hardwood remains a​ popular choice in​ wood floors. You have the choice of​ several different hardwoods. Popular choices include oak, cherry, hickory, maple, walnut and bellawood. These can be stained a​ variety of​ shades and tones. Consider leaving the wood in​ its natural color. Some hardwoods, such as​ walnut and cherry have a​ rich tone without the need for staining.

Once you have chosen the material, consider your finishing options. You may decide to​ purchase pre finished wood. This is​ already stained and protected with a​ clear coating. Pre finished is​ generally more expensive, but saves a​ significant amount of​ time.

Another option is​ to​ install the floor and then finish the wood. You will need to​ sand, stain and urethane the floor. After each coat, the floor will need to​ be sanded. This process takes several days to​ complete. The more coats of​ urethane you need the better protected the surface.

Another option is​ distressed or​ reclaimed flooring. These floors don’t have a​ smooth texture. However, they are beautiful and have character unlike other finishes. Another major benefit of​ these is​ they won’t show scratches as​ easily as​ urethane floors.

You have some choices other than traditional hardwood. Laminate flooring offers a​ choice in​ flooring. These are made to​ resemble real hardwood at​ a​ lower price. With good quality laminates, it​ can be difficult to​ tell the difference between this and real hard wood. Companies such as​ Armstrong flooring make high quality laminates. Other choices include cork flooring or​ bamboo floors.

Caring for Wood Flooring

Proper care will ensure your wood flooring has a​ good, long life. Whether you choose hardwood, laminate or​ other options, the care is​ basically the same.

o Sweep or​ vacuum the floor regularly to​ keep dirt and dust to​ a​ minimum. Dirt and grit on the floor wear away the surface and leave scratches in​ your floor.

o Use mats at​ the entrances to​ your home. This way feet can be wiped, preventing much of​ this dirt from entering your home in​ the first place.

o Lightly clean the floor when needed. if​ occasional mopping is​ needed, use a​ nearly dry mop. Too much water can seep between the slats and damage your floor. This can cause warping, damage the surface or​ cause water to​ become trapped under the floor. This can result in​ damage to​ the backing and mold can grow under the floor.

A Guide To Wood Flooring

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