A Guide To Salzburg Austria

A Guide To Salzburg Austria

Salzburg, Austria is​ perhaps best known as​ the birthplace of​ Mozart. The city is​ home to​ numerous music and drama festivals throughout the year. The movie The Sound of​ Music was filmed in​ this city and is​ a​ popular tourist attraction. The alpine setting of​ this city gives it​ a​ unique charm. There are many sites to​ see and lots to​ do here.


There are many hotels in​ the city to​ fit every taste and budget. Prices vary widely from many affordable hotels to​ more luxury hotels with higher price tags. The internet is​ a​ good source of​ reviews of​ the many hotels in​ the city. You can view pictures and read descriptions of​ the various hotels before choosing your accommodations.

Vacation packages are available online or​ through a​ travel agent. These can save money, compared to​ booking your flight and accommodations separately. Do some research before visiting a​ travel agent or​ booking online into some of​ the hotels available in​ the city. Decide if​ you want to​ be in​ the inner city or​ farther out.


Salzburg’s Old City is​ the center of​ the city and the most historic area. it​ is​ considered one of​ the most aesthetically beautiful cities in​ Europe. The area has many old footbridges to​ walk and pedestrian only areas for sightseeing. Horse and buggy tours of​ the area are also available. if​ you need a​ break from the city, consider walking the many paths outside the city to​ relax and enjoy the quiet and beauty of​ nature.

Salzburg is​ home to​ many old churches, most in​ the Baroque style. The cathedral in​ the center of​ town dates back to​ the 17th century. The architecture of​ these old churches gives the city its unique character. Some to​ see include: St. Sebastian’s, St. Michaels, St. Johns and St. Peter’s Abbey.

Mozart’s Birthplace has been renovated to​ the original apartments inhabited by the family. The room where he was born and the room where he composed most of​ his famous works are still open for tours. Guided tours are available the first Sunday of​ each moth. This is​ where the composer lived until 1773. Mozart’s Residence is​ located nearby and is​ where he lived from 1773 to​ 1780. There are exhibits related to​ the family and the works of​ Mozart.

Fans of​ the Sound of​ Music often love visiting Salzburg. The movie was filmed here. You can tour locations throughout the city that were featured in​ the film. a​ tour bus playing music from the movie takes you around to​ all the locations featured in​ the film.

Mirabelle Palace is​ open for tour. The ornate palace is​ also home to​ amazing gardens with statues of​ mythical figures. Heckentheater on the West Side is​ the oldest Hedge Theater north of​ the Alps. This was constructed in​ the 1700s as​ an​ outdoor theatre. On the same site is​ the Zivergegarten, which is​ a​ dwarf garden.

Hohensalzburg Fortress is​ another popular tourist attraction in​ the city. The fortress was first constructed in​ the year 1077 and expansions were done in​ 1160 and again in​ the 15th and 16th centuries during the Hungarian War. This is​ the largest fortress in​ all of​ central Europe. it​ was very effective and was never conquered by enemy armies. The fortress is​ open year round for tours.

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