A Guide To Rucksack Packing

A Guide To Rucksack Packing

Whatever you plans or​ your destination it​ is​ important to​ know the art of​ rucksack packing; this will make you rucksack more comfortable to​ carry and will help to​ ensure that the items needed first are not at​ the bottom!! Just because you can fit everything into your rucksack does not mean that you need to​ actually take everything on your trip. if​ your idea of​ rucksack packing is​ to​ pack the kitchen sink, at​ least make sure that you do it​ well! Never the less, it​ would be a​ good idea to​ forget your kitchen sink and spend some time imagining your trip and working out exactly what you might need.

Never put anything in​ your rucksack until you have chosen all the items you would like to​ take. Lay all the desired contents of​ your rucksack in​ a​ clear space and review if​ they are necessary or​ if​ they are more of​ the ‘wish list’ category. The art of​ rucksack packing includes knowing what to​ pack. Obviously, waterproofs spare clothing, food and snacks are fairly essential – books for late night reading, you will probably never open as​ you will be tired from fresh air and collapse happily into bed without opening a​ book, a​ book which may have taken up valuable space and also be heavy to​ carry. Even though your rucksack seems huge in​ the shop, once home you will find that it​ easily fills up – hence the importance of​ efficient rucksack packing.

To master the art of​ rucksack packing you do not need a​ diploma, but a​ clear head and plenty of​ common sense will get you through. Put the heaviest items at​ the bottom – you need to​ maintain a​ good center of​ balance. The items should get lighter as​ they get higher up the rucksack. Remember that some small soft items should be kept to​ use as​ padding so that no harder items will be uncomfortably against you back, the last thing that you want is​ a​ corner jabbing into your back. if​ you have several hard items, then it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ flat fold some spare clothes between them to​ stop any clattering or​ irritating movement between them. Remember, that being good at​ rucksack packing means it​ should be comfortable as​ well as​ fitting all the necessary items in!

Most rucksacks have an​ outer easily accessible section, ensure that this contains items you may need en route; this pocket should also be left with enough space to​ put the last minute items in, such as​ a​ water bottle and keys.

Our final advice on rucksack packing is​ to​ remember that your rucksack might not be as​ resistant to​ the weather as​ one would hope. Your rucksack is​ unlikely to​ be completely waterproof (whatever the manufacturers description), so when you do your rucksack packing do not put all spare clothes around the outside, thinking them to​ be more easily accessible, because you may find that if​ caught in​ a​ storm, all your spare clothing might become damp!

The art of​ rucksack packing is​ comfort and efficiency – enjoy your trip.

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