A Guide To Pepper Spray Laws

A Guide To Pepper Spray Laws

Pepper spray is​ the most popular self-defense weapon, but it​ is​ not legal in​ all states. at​ the time of​ publication of​ this writing, common pepper spray law was that you are allowed to​ carry it​ in​ all states.

In California, the largest can of​ pepper spray you are legally allowed to​ carry is​ 2.5 oz.

In Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, and Hawaii, pepper spray law says you are allowed carry it. There are, however, concentration limits and other restrictions. if​ you live in​ one of​ these states or​ plan to​ visit, be sure to​ carry a​ pepper spray that is​ sold as​ “Michigan Formula,” “Wisconsin Legal Pepper Spray,” and so on.

If you live in​ or​ plan on visiting Massachusetts and you want to​ carry pepper spray legally, their pepper spray law says you must get a​ FID (Firearms Identification Card). All you do is​ go to​ your local Massachusetts police station, show two forms of​ ID, fill out a​ form, pay $2, and wait a​ week. When you get your FID, keep it​ on your person (and of​ course, to​ make the FID useful, keep your pepper spray on your person as​ well).

Pepper Spray Litigation

From time to​ time, civilians and law enforcement officers have managed to​ use pepper spray excessively or​ irresponsibly. Even though pepper spray is​ non-lethal, it​ does hurt to​ go through getting sprayed with pepper spray. if​ you feel you have been unfairly attacked with pepper spray, you can force litigation.

Concerned citizens across the country have also noted that police offers have been known to​ use pepper spray on people when use of​ it​ was clearly gratuitous. Litigation has been pressed, and the media have touched on the subject to​ a​ small extent. as​ a​ result, the Justice Department commissioned a​ report about the benefits and dangers of​ pepper spray, resulting in​ a​ more education law enforcement system.

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