A Guide To Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

A Guide To Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Imagine that you are sitting in​ your backyard on a​ cool, breezy night. You’re sipping hot tea and looking at​ the stars. The sound of​ crickets chirping and frogs croaking is​ nature’s symphony. The scent of​ jasmine is​ in​ the air. It’s the perfect night—almost. it​ is​ a​ tad cold, the air a​ bit too nippy. if​ only there was a​ way to​ heat your outdoor space the way you do your home. Thanks to​ outdoor gas fireplaces, you can.

Outdoor gas fireplaces can range from rustic simplicity to​ elegant extravagance. They can be free-standing or​ built-in structures. a​ built-in fireplace can be the centerpiece of​ an​ elaborate outdoor living area. These fireplaces are designed by landscape architects or​ designers. Some are built by pool and spa professionals. Made of​ bricks and mortar, they can feature any design elements you might desire. They can be a​ part of​ an​ outdoor kitchen or​ near the pool. Many people are using outdoor gas fireplaces to​ make their pools and hot tubs more useful year-round. in​ cool months, they can sit on the deck and enjoy hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows by the fire. Others create an​ elaborate backyard oasis, complete with palm trees and veranda—with the fireplace an​ intricate part of​ the design.

On the flip side are the smaller, less expensive portable models. Pacific Products, for example, offers a​ portable outdoor gas fireplace. This lightweight fireplace can be easily transported on camping trips, to​ tailgate parties, or​ simply to​ your backyard deck.

Chimineas are another form of​ outdoor fireplaces. While these are not technically gas fireplaces, some can use natural gas inserts.

Target and Sears both offer a​ selection of​ low-cost outdoor fireplaces. These are small, portable models. You might also want to​ check your local retail, department, and garden supplies stores.

Montigo is​ another source for outdoor gas fireplaces. an​ internet search for “outdoor gas fireplace” will uncover even more resources.

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