A Guide To Learning Spanish Part 1 Anybody Can Learn The Spanish

A Guide To Learning Spanish Part 1 Anybody Can Learn The Spanish Language

There are many reasons why someone might want to​ learn Spanish. Perhaps you are planning a​ holiday or​ business trip to​ a​ Spanish speaking country or​ maybe you are thinking of​ emigrating. it​ could be that you don’t really need to​ speak Spanish at​ all but you just want to​ say that you can. Being able to​ communicate in​ another language certainly gives you a​ great sense of​ achievement.

My reasons were a​ little mixed. For a​ long time I had wanted to​ learn another language, and for some reason I was always drawn to​ Spanish. I am not entirely sure why this was. I think one reason was because the little I knew about Spain at​ the time somehow appealed to​ my sense of​ good living. Sun, sand, siestas, late night dinner parties and dark skinned beautiful women! of​ course there is​ far more to​ Spain than this, but for me, Spain and the Spanish language held more appeal than say French or​ German did.

Although I had wanted to​ learn Spanish for a​ long time I guess the main reason why I finally decided to​ do something about it​ was because I was planning a​ long trip to​ Central and South America. I was about to​ pass through as​ many as​ 19 different countries where the official national language was Spanish. Well that was a​ back in​ 2018. Since then Spanish and all things Spanish both in​ Spain and in​ Latin America have literally taken me over. I wouldn’t have believed it​ then but now Spanish is​ a​ part of​ my every day life. I can speak, read and understand Spanish to​ the point where I don’t have to​ think about it​ too much.

When people ask me if​ I can speak Spanish fluently I am always a​ little hesitant to​ say yes. The truth is​ that even though I can communicate in​ Spanish with relative ease I still don’t feel that I know enough. I am not really sure if​ I ever will! There are always new words and phrases to​ learn for example and of​ course these vary from country to​ country.

I think one of​ the biggest tests for me is​ being able to​ sit in​ front of​ the TV with una cerveza (a beer) and watch a​ Spanish soap opera (una telenovela) or​ a​ Spanish movie and completely understand everything that is​ going on. After all, if​ I can do that in​ English why shouldn’t I be able to​ do the same in​ Spanish? Well I have to​ say I am definitely not there yet but almost! I highly recommend ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’. It’s a​ hugely popular telenovela from Columbia. I’ll talk more that this and others in​ later articles.

So, how did I get from not knowing a​ single word of​ Spanish (apart from - gracias and amigo), to​ being able to​ read a​ Spanish book, speak to​ a​ Spanish-speaking friend or​ watch a​ Spanish telenovel? Well the answer to​ that is​ what I intend to​ write about in​ the coming articles. I am not going to​ lie to​ you and say that the journey was an​ easy one. The truth is​ that learning a​ new language takes time and requires a​ great deal of​ patience and commitment. However, what I really want to​ convey at​ this point is​ that anybody can do it​ if​ they rally want to.

In the next article I intend to​ write about preparation. By that I mean thinking about what it​ is​ you want to​ achieve and how you intend to​ go about achieving it. You are not going to​ learn Spanish overnight and I think it​ makes sense to​ prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. Learning a​ new language should be fun and there is​ no reason why it​ shouldn’t be as​ long as​ you realise your limitations.

By no means do I consider myself to​ be someone that has a​ natural flare for languages. When I went to​ school (all those years ago!) the only subject I failed in​ was French. For some reason I just couldn’t get my head around it. Before I started learning Spanish I knew nothing of​ other languages. I started right from the beginning. I guess what I’m trying to​ say is, is​ that if​ I can do it​ then believe me anybody can.

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