A Guide To Jet Power Tools

A Guide To Jet Power Tools

Power tools are essential equipment in​ any woodworking work shop. Jet power tools offer excellent quality for your money. This company offers a​ full line of​ power tools to​ outfit any workshop. Take a​ look at​ the available tools to​ find what you need for your work shop.

Jet Power Tools: a​ Jet Lathe

These versatile lathes are easy to​ assemble and come with good instructions. Depending on the lathe you choose, they come with additional tools as​ a​ bonus. Some come with an​ eight piece chisel set or​ other hand tools. This helps save you money when you are setting up your workshop. Even if​ you already own chisels, they are used a​ lot and you can never have too many.

Great features of​ a​ Jet Lathe:

o a​ wide range of​ speed, from 550 to​ 3000 rpm, with 6 different speed settings

o 35” distance between centers. This large capacity makes this a​ versatile machine for a​ variety of​ projects.

o ¾ horsepower motor, with plenty of​ power

o 12” swing over bed

Table Saws

A Jet table saw is​ a​ good, accurate tool these saws have plenty of​ power for any home wood working shop. Depending on the model, you will get a​ three to​ five horsepower motor. The fence will be between thirty and fifty inches. Setting it​ up is​ relatively easy. They come with good instructions for assembly. You will need to​ replace the blade periodically, but these saws will last for many years.


o Suspended motor drive mechanism
o Blade guard and anti kick back for safe operation
o Dust collection insert for a​ suction hose to​ control dust in​ your workshop
o Contoured cross section on the rail to​ increase the surface area
o Dual push buttons, with the start button designed to​ prevent it​ from accidentally being started
o The fence locks securely onto the forward rail

Other Jet Tools

Jet planers are available in​ open and close stand styles as​ well as​ portable planers. They are made of​ cast iron and steel for stability and durability. These planers have a​ 3 horsepower, fan cooled motor. Other features include a​ four inch dust chute, extension rollers and magnetic controls. The table adjusts easily on these planers, making them versatile.

Jet’s floor mount drill press has a​ ¾ horsepower motor and either twelve of​ sixteen speeds, depending on the model. a​ thirteen inch table diameter allows plenty of​ work space. Other features include forty five degree tilting with a​ quick release clamp.

The Jet bench mount drill press has sixteen speeds ranging from 200 to​ 3630 rpm. a​ 10 by 13 inch work area, gives plenty of​ space for working. This drill press has plenty of​ power with a​ ¾ horsepower motor. Building your workshop with quality power tools has never been easier, with Jet tools.

A Guide To Jet Power Tools

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