A Guide To Import And Export Laws

A Guide To Import And Export Laws

Import and export laws are a​ combination of​ various international as​ well as​ national laws that are used to​ control cross border trade of​ products and services. Different countries impose different import and export laws and regulations that are designed to​ protect their economic situation and their environment as​ well as​ human health.

Considering international trade involves regulations imposed by so many different countries, it​ is​ far more challenging than any domestic or​ national business operation. Some of​ the complexities encountered in​ international trade include issues of​ legality, documentation, licensing, finance, property rights, governmental regulations and communication. as​ the emphasis on awareness of​ terrorism keeps increasing, it​ is​ equally important to​ keep up-to-date with ever-changing new laws as​ and when they are enacted.

A formal declaration is​ required for any trade that exceeds the stipulated limit, which is​ different in​ different countries. Wrongful declarations of​ true value and weight of​ the goods so as​ to​ attract a​ lower duty value is​ considered illegal and the trader’s international trading privileges could be revoked or​ suspended.

Contravention of​ import and export laws, whether knowingly or​ unknowingly is​ a​ serious offense and is​ likely to​ attract a​ penalty, which could include imprisonment in​ most countries. Serious transgressions include trading in​ drugs, endangered wild life species, toxic substances and hazardous materials.

Import and Export of​ Wildlife Species

Import and export of​ wildlife species are subject to​ stringent foreign wildlife laws and regulations all over the world. Almost all countries ban the trade of​ threatened and endangered species, marine mammals, migratory birds and any injurious or​ harmful species. All wildlife traders require a​ special permit, which should be valid. in​ the United States, wildlife export/import regulations are included in​ the federal laws that are designed to​ protect wildlife including the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Wild Bird Conservation Act and others.

A Guide To Import And Export Laws

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