A Guide To Free Screensavers

A Guide To Free Screensavers
There are millions of​ Screensavers available on the Internet .​
Almost all of​ these can be downloaded and installed easily .​
These are usually categorized according to​ themes .​
Nature lovers can choose picturesque locations .​
Fish lovers can choose from different kinds of​ aquariums with multi-colored fish that are swishing through colored water .​
Those who really like adventure sports or​ aircraft can choose from a​ wide array of​ moving images and clips of​ death-defying stunts .​
Screensavers can also be slide shows that have various pictures of​ movie celebrities, sportspersons and politicians .​
However, some precautions need to​ be taken before downloading Screensavers .​
The most important one is​ that Screensavers must be downloaded from trusted sites .​
It’s also always a​ good idea to​ scan Screensavers for viruses and other potentially dangerous elements, such as​ spyware and adware .​
If an​ anti-virus is​ already installed on the system, a​ right click enables a​ menu which provides for a​ ‘scan with…’ option .​
This option can be selected and left-clicked to​ check the selected download before double-clicking it​ and installing it.
Sometimes Screensavers are extremely graphic-intensive .​
This means that they contain so many graphics that they are huge files .​
Huge files take a​ lot of​ space on the computer when they run, and make the computer work so much harder and so much faster than normal that the computer freezes .​
Then the computer needs to​ be restarted and all the unsaved information on the computer -- such as​ open files that were being worked on before the Screensaver was activated – is​ lost .​
Some Screensavers also make the hard drive of​ the computer crash, causing irretrievable data loss .​
Therefore, it​ is​ important for users to​ download Screensavers that are compatible with the configuration of​ their computers .​
This means that the speed of​ the processor in​ the computer, and the free space on it, should be sufficient for the Screensaver to​ be downloaded, installed and run.
Many users like to​ create their own Screensavers, often with the visuals and audio of​ their choice .​
Some software applications facilitate this .​
Out of​ these, some can be freely downloaded from the Internet .​
However, these should be downloaded only from trusted sites, and should be supported by the configuration of​ the user’s computer .​
Once downloaded, these should also be scanned for viruses and other common infections .​
When installed, these programs enable the user to​ combine images, video clips and audio clips to​ create a​ personalized Screensaver, sometimes even for circulation amongst friends and family.

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