A Guide To Dog Training

A Guide To Dog Training

Before starting dog training,​ it​ is​ best that you know your options well. These days you can find many types of​ dog training,​ in​ many different places. These trainings vary in​ price and each one them has something different to​ offer.

The first type of​ dog training is​ known as​ puppy preschool. This is​ a​ dog training course meant for puppies that are about 6 weeks to​ 5 months old. These puppy preschool classes generally last for no more than 6 to​ 8 weeks. in​ these training sessions,​ your puppy is​ essentially taught how to​ socialize with people and as​ well as​ other puppies. Here your puppy also begins to​ learn how to​ sit down,​ stay at​ a​ place,​ and how to​ come.

The second type of​ dog training course is​ meant for the​ dogs that are at​ least 5 months old. This type of​ dog training is​ known as​ the​ basic dog training. the​ duration of​ these classes is​ usually about 8 to​ 10 weeks. This is​ the​ basic course,​ where your dog is​ taught the​ art of​ walking properly on​ a​ leash,​ sitting,​ staying,​ coming and heeling.

The third type of​ dog training course is​ known as​ the​ intermediate dog training. This dog training aims at​ teaching the​ dog mostly the​ same things that are taught in​ the​ basic training course,​ in​ a​ more detailed form. Here the​ dog is​ trained to​ stay for a​ longer span of​ time,​ and is​ also taught to​ follow the​ orders given by other people.

The intermediate dog training generally lasts for about 8 to​ 10 weeks,​ and is​ meant for those that are no less than 5 months old. it​ is​ essential for the​ dog to​ have completed its basic dog training course,​ or​ to​ be accustomed to​ the​ basic commands that could have been taught by the​ owner.

The next type of​ training course is​ known as​ the​ advanced dog training course. Here,​ once again,​ the​ course is​ quite similar to​ its previous one,​ i.e.,​ the​ intermediate dog training course,​ except for the​ fact that this time it​ is​ more detailed. Here,​ the​ dog is​ taught how to​ sit even without you in​ the​ view.

This training course is​ about 8 to​ 10 weeks long,​ and is​ meant for those that have completed their intermediate training. Here,​ they are also trained to​ walk beside their owners without a​ leash. Moreover,​ it​ gradually prepares the​ dog to​ take the​ Canine Good Citizen training course. the​ Canine Good Citizen training for dogs is​ the​ last course. to​ pass this course,​ your dog will be taught the​ 10 necessary aspects.

This course is​ strictly meant for those dogs that have completed all the​ previous courses. the​ test is​ quite tough and can only be passed if​ the​ dog is​ really well behaved. Depending on​ whether your dog can pass,​ the​ course can last for several weeks.

Keeping this information in​ mind,​ you should be able to​ decide the​ dog training course best suited for your dog. However,​ you may seek the​ opinion of​ your local dog trainers to​ know more. Many trainers consult for free. So now you should be at​ least a​ step closer to​ introducing your dog into a​ training course!

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