A Guide To Discount Laminator Products

A Guide To Discount Laminator Products

A discount laminator allows you to​ perform lamination in​ your home or​ office. There are several choices in​ machines, depending on the volume and size of​ the projects you need to​ cover. Read about the equipment that is​ available to​ help you find the perfect machine to​ fit your needs.

Types of​ Laminator Equipment

Pouch Laminators
Pouch machines are the most common types of​ equipment found in​ the office or​ the home. Depending on the machine, they can laminate projects from a​ small identification card up to​ an​ 11X 17 sheet. They use V shaped pouches. The document is​ placed in​ the center of​ the V and is​ fed into the machine. The rollers are used for heating the laminate and adhering the film to​ the document.

There are a​ few benefits to​ pouch machines. they are the easiest of​ all machines to​ use and are a​ great first laminating machine for most people. They are also the least expensive of​ all equipment. Pouches are inexpensive and the easiest way to​ make your documents water proof.

Roll Laminators
These machines use rolls of​ laminate. They are able to​ accommodate larger documents than pouch machines. Depending on the machine, they will work for documents from twelve to​ eighty inches wide. The laminate is​ pressed between the two rollers to​ adhere the glue to​ the document. Roll machines are often used in​ digital printing and wide format work.

Most roll machines can work with either hot or​ cold film. if​ it​ is​ a​ cold laminator, it​ will only work with cold film. a​ hot laminator will work with either hot or​ cold film. For hot, the rollers are heated to​ a​ temperature of​ about 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat activates the glue and the pressure seals the document inside. These can be used with cold film by not heating the rollers.

Liquid Laminators
Liquid laminating machines are newer, less common machines. These are generally used on digital, wide format machines. Most work for projects up to​ sixteen feet long. The laminate can be applied in​ a​ variety of​ thicknesses, depending on the project.

These machines use either gravity or​ a​ pump driven system to​ apply the liquid laminate. Both types have a​ drying system built into the machine to​ dry the liquid on the paper. When it​ comes out of​ the machine, it​ will be surface dry and will need extra time to​ completely dry before being used. These laminating machines take some time to​ get used to​ and aren’t the best choice if​ you are new to​ laminating.

Choosing a​ Discount Laminator

Laminators come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes for different uses. The sizes range from a​ small identification card all the way to​ the large, wide format machines and everything in​ between. The size you choose will depend on the size of​ the projects you typically need to​ laminate. if​ you generally need to​ laminate smaller documents, you may opt for a​ pouch machine. You can always send the occasional wide format job to​ the local print shop.

The volume of​ the lamination you need done will also determine the size of​ the machine you need. if​ you only need a​ few things each week or​ even each day, a​ pouch machine will probably be sufficient. if​ you do many pages per day, you may want to​ invest in​ a​ more expensive roll machine.

Where to​ Buy a​ Discount Laminator

The internet is​ the best place to​ find a​ great deal on laminator equipment. Sites offering office equipment often carry laminators. Sometimes you can find a​ good deal offering free shipping on more expensive machines. if​ you want to​ see the equipment up close, visit an​ office supply store and then shop for the machine you have chosen online for a​ better price.

Learn about the different machines available before making a​ purchase. This equipment is​ very expensive and you want a​ machine that has all the features you want. This will ensure years of​ use. When comparing laminate equipment, compare not only the price, but the warranties and shipping costs. Sometimes a​ slightly more expensive machine will end up being a​ better deal, if​ it​ includes a​ better warranty and free shipping.

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