A Guide To Christian Singles

A Guide To Christian Singles

Living as​ a​ single may be a​ choice for some, but for most people, it​ is​ a​ stage before marriage that is​ supposed to​ prepare you for a​ life-long commitment. in​ this stage, you usually date to​ find your future spouse. Even single parents, separated and divorced men and women, widowed and uninvolved persons who are similarly referred to​ as​ singles at​ one time or​ another are looking for their perfect match and intend to​ marry or​ remarry.

Since many (if not most) singles still plan to​ enter marriage, they are predisposed to​ date or​ go out with people of​ the same interests, ideas, nationality, affiliations and most especially, religion. Thus, singles are often described by the group or​ category they belong to​ such as​ “Christian singles,” “American singles,” “single parents,” “Jewish singles,” and “LDS Singles.”

Unquestionably, sharing the same faith is​ very crucial to​ a​ successful relationship; moreover, to​ a​ successful marriage. Thus, most Christian singles prefer to​ settle down with fellow Christians.

In United States, Christian singles occupy more than eighty percent of​ the total number of​ American singles, based on a​ 2000 U.S. Census reports. The Christian singles category is​ further broken down into Catholics (24.5 %), Protestants (52.17 %), Mormons (1.80 %) and Other Christians (4.13%).

With a​ large portion of​ the entire American population occupied by single men and women, it​ is​ logical to​ infer that Christian singles occupies a​ large portion of​ the American population. This is​ substantiated by the multifarious sites that provide dating services for a​ large number of​ Christian singles.

Finding a​ Christian partner through these sites, however, has some drawbacks.

Sites that provide dating services for Christian singles, although managed by Christians, are business-like in​ nature. More often, they overlook the major aspect of​ dating for Christian singles, which is​ faith.

It is​ interesting to​ note that a​ majority of​ Christian singles are significantly interested with finding a​ “born again or​ saved” mate and a​ true Christian mate with a​ solid understanding of​ God’s words rather than a​ mere date. Finding such s partner entails more than just matching of​ qualifications, interests and other things most online dating services for Christian singles provide.

If you cannot find yet the right partner with whom you can share a​ Christ-centered marriage, do not worry. Life of​ a​ single Christian after all, should not be distinguished by an​ intense longing to​ find a​ mate but rather by happiness and contentment in​ living a​ Christian life.

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