A Guide To Bedroom Decorating

A Guide To Bedroom Decorating

When decorating a​ bedroom, keep in​ mind that the end result should produce a​ disitnct and memorable impression. Colors, space and decorations all set a​ bedroom's mood, and when put together well, can create a​ definite, pleasurable look.

When it​ comes to​ the arrangement of​ items in​ a​ bedroom, symmetry is​ the most important factor. The bedroom is​ your personal space and should not be cluttered with too many objects creating a​ claustrophobic effect. For a​ room to​ seem personal, special touches should be added that reflect your special loves and interests. This includes your favorite colors, books, photographs, etc. Make sure colors are balanced in​ subtle shades reflecting your lifestyle and interests. The older generation seems to​ prefer more subdued shades than the younger generation, who opt for bright, textured colors. to​ maintain balance, the color of​ a​ chair placed at​ one end of​ the room can be repeated on throw, pillows or​ carpet. Furniture in​ the bedroom is​ of​ utmost importance. Don't over do it​ with too many pieces making your bedroom look overdressed and cluttered. The size of​ the bed should be in​ proportion to​ the size of​ the bedroom. What matters the most is​ comfort. Therefore, a​ bed should offer quality, comfort and a​ feeling of​ elegance. Nightstands or​ side tables should be on either side of​ the bed for books, medications and telephone. a​ dressing table comes in​ handy for women, and dressers with lots of​ storage space are ideal. Ample closet space is​ important, as​ are mirrors and wall decor. Mirrors help to​ give a​ room a​ larger look and also help to​ reflect light. Lighting should be gentle and relaxing. Valence lighting is​ ideal for bedrooms, and colored lights can be used for added effects. Subtle light gives a​ romantic feeling to​ the room, and focused light is​ good for detail work like reading without disturbing someone sleeping in​ the room.

Finally, a​ bedroom should be well-ventilated, designed for comfort and always stocked with a​ vase of​ flowers for a​ fresh feeling.

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