A Guide On Choosing Organic Skin Care Products

A Guide On Choosing Organic Skin Care Products

A Guide on​ Choosing Organic Skin Care Products
Take a​ stroll along any beauty or​ skin care aisle and​ you will be bombarded by products claiming that they are allnatural or​ organic. ​
The high demand for organic skin care products had drive major skin care product and​ cosmetic producers to​ massproduce. ​
Unfortunately,​ while this seems like a​ good news,​ mass producing skin care products and​ cosmetics is​ not practical unless manufacturers use preservatives and​ other chemicals to​ increase the​ shelf like of​ their supposedly organic products. ​
as​ such,​ care must be taken in​ choosing organic skin care products to​ ensure authenticity and​ quality. ​
Here is​ a​ guide to​ help you in​ choosing authentic organic skin care products
1. ​
Look for the​ USDA organic seal of​ approval.
The USDA has imposed several requirements for organic skin care products. ​
Every product claiming to​ be organic must bear the​ USDA organic seal of​ approval. ​
This means that the​ product has been tested and​ had met the​ quality standards set by the​ USDA for safety. ​
The USDA sign means that the​ product and​ its components has passed tests conducted by the​ USDA for antibiotic and​ hormone use in​ livestock and​ crops. ​

2. ​
Check beyond facevalue.
Do not take the​ manufacturers word for what it​ is. ​
Instead,​ read the​ label to​ get a​ thorough idea of​ the​ ingredients used for the​ manufacture of​ the​ product. ​
When manufacturers put organic or​ allnatural labels on​ their products,​ they might be stretching the​ truth a​ bit. ​
Some unscrupulous manufacturers may have used an organic ingredient but this does not make their products organic. ​
Instead,​ check and​ read labels thoroughly to​ ensure that the​ product you are going to​ buy is​ indeed organic. ​
Whenever possible,​ take note of​ some ingredients you dont understand in​ the​ label and​ look it​ up online prior to​ your purchase to​ ensure that they are not preservatives or​ chemicals. ​

3. ​
Be familiar with USDA organic ranking.
The USDA grants its organic seal of​ approval to​ products that passed its organic standards. ​
In addition,​ the​ USDA also implements a​ system that designates a​ product as​ purely organic or​ not. ​
Being familiar with this system ensures that you wont be fooled when it​ comes to​ choosing an organic product. ​
First,​ only products that used purely organic substances in​ their manufacture can be labeled 100% organic. ​
Second,​ products with 95% or​ more organic ingredients can be labeled organic in​ their primary label. ​
Third,​ products with 70%95% organic ingredients can only be described as​ made with organic ingredients with three of​ these organic ingredients listed on​ the​ label. ​
Lastly,​ products with only 70% organic ingredients or​ less can only use the​ word organic in​ their ingredient section. ​

By understanding what the​ manufacturers mean when they label their products as​ organic,​ you can minimize the​ risk of​ purchasing scam products masquerading as​ organic skin care lines. ​
Better yet,​ research on​ the​ Internet for reviews and​ recommendations on​ the​ best organic skin care products around to​ make your choice easier.

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