A Frugal Shopper Has Skills And Ways Of Looking At Things That Help Him Or Her Take Advantage Of The Money

Six Traits of​ the​ Frugal Shopper
A frugal shopper has skills that help him or​ her gain benefit of​ the​ money-saving opportunities in​ life .​
Below I​ have listed several traits found in​ frugal shoppers .​
By incorporating these into your life, you too can become a​ frugal shopper.
1 .​
a​ frugal shopper studies other people .​
There are probably people near you living a​ good life on half of​ what you make .​
Learn how others do things, so you'll know your options.
2 .​
Frugality requires knowledge of​ values .​
It's hard to​ get a​ huge deal on a​ car if​ you don't recognize what a​ big deal is​ .​
Start enlightening yourself on prices, especially before you're ready to​ buy anything that costs a​ lot.
3 .​
Frugal shoppers pay cash .​
Things are cheaper when paid for​ in​ cash instead of​ credit .​
Want that new patio set? the​ cost divided by the​ number of​ weeks you can wait to​ get it​ equals how much you need to​ set aside each week .​
You'll not only save on interest when you pay cash, but you'll often get a​ better price.
4 .​
a​ frugal shopper looks for​ alternatives .​
Maybe you'd have just as​ much fun taking that discounted trip to​ the​ Bahamas as​ you would going to​ Jamaica .​
If you happen to​ enjoy pizza just as​ much - or​ more, skip the​ expensive restaurant and​ call Dominoes.
5 .​
Frugal shoppers tell people what they need .​
Just mention it​ in​ conversation .​
Do you know how many people get free or​ cheap things, just because they talk?
6 .​
Do the​ math .​
You didn't really save $400 on that car if​ it​ costs you $500 more in​ gas each year .​
Also, be aware that some stores are cashing in​ on shopper's assumptions that larger is​ cheaper .​
Yes, the​ gallon of​ pickles might actually cost more than four quart jars .​
Be ready to​ do the​ math if​ you want to​ be a​ frugal shopper.

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