A Few Money Making Tips With Runescape

A Few Money Making Tips With Runescape

A Few Money Making Tips with RuneScape
Collect Feathers
A great way for​ new members with combat below 30 to​ make good money is​ to​ kill chickens and​ collect their feathers .​
Once you collect around 500 feathers, you can go to​ world one and​ sell them just to​ the​ East of​ the​ West Bank in​ Varrock if​ you’re a​ Free to​ Play member .​
If you’re a​ Pay to​ Play member, the​ best place to​ sell them is​ just North of​ the​ East Falador Bank .​
You can usually get about 10-20 gp each in​ member’s worlds .​
If you’re looking to​ buy feathers, head to​ fishing shops and​ go for​ larger quantities .​
If you buy groups of​ at​ least 1,000, you can make a​ substantial profit .​
It’s a​ good idea to​ sell to​ people, not stores .​

Another way to​ earn money is​ by merchanting .​
There are several ways to​ do this .​
You can buy overstocked items in​ one store and​ then sell them at​ a​ higher price in​ a​ store where they are not stocked .​
You can also buy commodities that are being sold at​ less than market value and​ then sell them to​ other players who are willing to​ pay higher prices .​
In order to​ do this, though, it​ is​ necessary that you are aware of​ current market prices .​
You can buy sharks for​ around 800 gp and​ later sell them for​ around 1000 gp .​
Similarly, you can buy lobsters for​ 100 to​ 130 gp and​ sell them for​ 200 gp .​
Rumor has it​ that in​ Edgeville they are desperate for​ food and​ selling there can be quite lucrative .​
You can buy coal for​ 130 gp and​ sell it​ for​ around 200 gp near Falador’s east bank .​
Also consider Rune Essence, which can be bought for​ 20 gp and​ sold for​ 40 at​ Varrock’s east bank .​
The higher level you have, the​ more money you can make in​ these areas .​
Mining, fishing and​ woodcutting are considered the​ big three moneymakers .​
However, there are people that find their fortunes in​ thieving .​
For example, in​ mining you can earn 13k for​ each reunite ore that you mine .​
For the​ woodcutter, magic logs are worth 1k each .​
Fishermen can get up to​ 1k for​ each shark and​ if​ the​ thief can get his hands on blood runes, he can get at​ least 400 gp .​

Treasure Hunting
Treasure hunting is​ actually a​ mini-game for​ members .​
There are three different levels, which yield different treasure possibilities .​
In level one, you can get gold trimmed, black armour worth 300k a​ set .​
In the​ second level, you can get ranger boots worth 700k .​
In the​ last level, you can get gold trimmed rune armor, god armor, gilded armor and​ a​ Robin Hood hat .​
Each of​ these items can be worth over one million gp each .​

Dueling can win you a​ fortune, or​ you can lose everything you have .​
It’s only worth the​ risk if​ you are absolutely certain that you can’t lose.

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