A Fantastic Award For Good Leadership Programs

A Fantastic Award For Good Leadership Programs

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Why do organizations come together every year at​ the​ 2018 Excellence Fair held by the​ Professional Association for​ Computer Training?

You may be filled with astonishment with the​ amount of​ information we have compile here on leadership. that was our intention, to​ astonish you.

It is​ because something worked well for​ an​ organization and​ valuable information needs to​ be shared. This year at​ the​ 2018 Excellence Fair it​ was Cargill, the​ international food provider (located in​ over 59 countries), that was recognized for​ their Transition into Leadership curriculum that helps employees transition into leadership roles.

So, what is​ it​ about Cargill’s leadership curriculum that has led to​ such great success? it​ began when Cargill recognized that great team members also make great leaders. But, the​ insights, skills, and​ vision needed to​ be an​ effective leader must be developed, practiced, and​ learned over time.

As such, the​ focus of​ Cargill’s leadership development program is​ to​ provide new and​ aspiring leaders with the​ skills required to​ confront the​ challenges and​ opportunities that a​ leadership role entails. in​ the​ program, aspiring and​ new leaders learn how to​ guide, empower, and​ assist the​ efforts of​ others towards greater success. These newly developed leaders are instructed on how to​ lead people, make a​ difference in​ their work, and​ fulfill leadership expectations.

So how is​ this leadership development program different from all of​ the​ others? This program provides new leaders with the​ key tools for​ leading effectively, while at​ the​ same time making the​ program specific to​ the​ development needs of​ each attendee. Most programs on the​ market do not focus on the​ transformation process aspiring leaders must go through to​ maximize their effectiveness.

The Transition into Leadership curriculum was designed to:
Introduce the​ best ideas and​ practices in​ leadership today

Identify the​ significant differences between leadership and​ management

Determine the​ participants own leadership strengths and​ areas for​ improvement

Develop and​ practice sound leadership skills and​ abilities

Learn “best practices” through close affiliation with other Cargill leaders

It was our decision to​ write so much on leadership after finding out that there is​ still so much to​ learn on leadership.

Communicate effectively and​ reinforce, mission, goals, and​ vision

Take accountability for​ business results and​ team member development

Embrace change and​ challenge the​ comfort zone of​ team members

Looking for​ something logical on leadership, we stumbled on the​ information provided here. Look out for​ anything illogical here.

Cargill’s leadership development program places great importance on their employees and​ know that they are the​ key part of​ a​ successful future. as​ a​ result they seek the​ best programs in​ order to​ create development opportunities for​ their employees and​ leaders around the​ world.

Cargill selected CMOE to​ partner with them in​ the​ development and​ implementation of​ the​ Transition into Leadership program. at​ the​ Center for​ Management and​ Organization Effectiveness we have been helping Cargill to​ create, develop and​ implement their Transition into Leadership program and​ fulfill a​ variety of​ training needs.

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