A Cooks Guide To Quick Meals And Desserts

A Cooks Guide To Quick Meals And Desserts

A Cooks Guide to Quick Meals and ​ Desserts
With cooking, creativity can be just as​ important as​ the ingredients. ​
With our busy lives, we can all get in a​ rut sometimes when it​ comes to cooking. ​
We want simple and ​ quick meals that weve cooked hundreds of​ times no surprises! We want our children to try new, healthier foods but arent willing to be creative and ​ try out some new recipes. ​

If you find yourself cooking the same old meals week in and ​ week out, theres good news. ​
Now you can try out new recipes using many of​ your handy ingredients and ​ create new healthy meals easily. ​
Here are some tips to get started.
Buy an Easy Cooking Cookbook
This might sound obvious, but you should first find a​ cookbook with recipes your family will love thats very easy to follow. ​
Many cookbooks today offer only fancy foods packed with bizarre ingredients youve never heard of. ​
Often, the food in these books doesnt even look tasty in the photos! Shop around online to find a​ cookbook that makes cooking easy and ​ uses many of​ the ingredients you already keep around the kitchen. ​
Be sure the cookbook offers your basic types of​ recipes such as​ entrees, casserole dishes, breads, fruits, veggies, beverages, and ​ desserts.
Cookbooks also tend to favor one style of​ cooking, such as​ Santa Fe style cooking or​ Southern cooking. ​
Choose one that caters to your familys taste buds, but dont be afraid to try something new.
Spice it​ Up
After buying a​ cookbook, go through the cookbook marking recipes youd like to try for the month. ​
You might try one or​ two new recipes a​ week just to add a​ little excitement to the dinner table. ​
Write down the ingredients required, but dont forget the spices. ​
Spices are usually what can make or​ break a​ meal. ​
Buy spices that are required for the recipes and ​ maybe a​ few extra spices for later. ​
You can stock up on spices and ​ keep them for a​ long time. ​
When you become familiar with the new spices, you can test them in a​ variety of​ foods to enhance the flavor.
Create Menus in Advance
Preparation is the key to saving time and ​ sticking with a​ meal plan. ​
Plan menus in advance so there are no surprises. ​
Keep ingredients onhand that you know you will need. ​
Most recipes give a​ preparation and ​ cooking time. ​
Plan your meals according to your schedule. ​
Check out the available time listed for cooking. ​
On days that you get off work late and ​ will be rushed, find simple meals that you can cook quickly.
Prepare Mixes and ​ Simple Foods in Advance
If you plan to make a​ dessert or​ a​ large meal, prepare your mixes and ​ simple foods in advance to save time. ​
For instance, if ​ you plan to serve rice, potatoes, or​ macaroni with a​ meal prepare these the night or​ morning before and ​ store them in the fridge. ​
Then youll only have to warm them up when needed. ​

Cake, cookie or​ brownie mixes for dessert can also be stored in the fridge for later cooking. ​
Tip To make your flour last for months and ​ months, store the bag of​ flour in the freezer. ​
The flour itself will not freeze, but it​ will last a​ very long time.
Mix Old with the New Just to be Safe
When preparing a​ brand new dish, be sure to mix some old food items in the menu just in case your family dislikes the new dish. ​
This will ensure that everyone has something to eat even if ​ they dont like the new recipe. ​
For example Perhaps youre introducing sourdough bread for the first time. ​
You can cook some regular bread along with it​ and ​ present both types of​ bread for everyone to try. ​
Some family members might like the new bread and ​ some might not. ​
at ​ least they are trying new foods!
With any new cooking venture, you will need to take some extra time and ​ effort to give it​ a​ try. ​
Once you become familiar with some new recipes, youll find that it​ gets easier and ​ easier to add new foods to your family meals.

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