A Citizen Promaster Sports Watch Made For Divers

A Citizen Promaster Sports Watch Made For Divers

Did you know that the​ Citizen Promaster sports watch is​ among the​ top in​ its class. Especially the​ eco drive air divers sport wrist watch.

For example, the​ Citizen Professional Diver, its a​ member of​ the​ Promaster eco drive sports watch line. This watch is​ water proof up to​ 200 meters. it​ is​ equipped with a​ urethane band and​ stainless steel watch casing. for​ mixed gas divers, its perfect for​ air divers. the​ next step up is​ one which has a​ stainless steel band. Finally the​ top model has a​ titanium case and​ a​ deluxe band designed out of​ urethane.

With long lasting quartz movement, the​ Citizen Promaster sports watch has large hands and​ markers that glow, a​ ratcheted bezel with a​ feature that tracks how much time has gone by. Its eco drive technology has a​ six month reserve of​ power.

These Citizen Promaster air divers watches are designed to​ handle any tough conditions. They are built big with a​ diameter of​ 46 millimeters for​ the​ case, plus it​ is​ 18 millimeters thick. a​ travel case can also be purchased for​ your Citizen Promaster eco drive sports watch. for​ further protection the​ case is​ zippered and​ padded, ensuring safety against dropping or​ accidents.

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