A Child Is Calling For Help Wireless Amber Alerts Put Wireless Devices
To Use

A Child Is Calling For Help Wireless Amber Alerts Put Wireless Devices To Use

A Child is​ Calling for​ Help .​
Wireless AMBER Alerts Put Wireless Devices To Use
Statistics show that the​ first three hours after a​ child's abduction are most critical to​ recovery efforts .​
By combining the​ efforts of​ the​ wireless industry with the​ U.S .​
Department of​ Justice, the​ National Center for​ Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) and​ law enforcement agencies, the​ Wireless AMBER Alerts™ initiative will be a​ catalyst for​ the​ more than 200 million wireless subscribers to​ aid in​ the​ search for​ and​ recovery of​ an​ abducted child .​
According to​ NCMEC, more than 260 children have been recovered since the​ AMBER Alert program began in​ 1997 .​
The program-an early warning system to​ find abducted children-started as​ a​ local effort in​ the​ Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area and​ became a​ national initiative in​ 2003 .​
AMBER stands for​ America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response .​
The program is​ a​ legacy to​ Amber Hagerman, a​ 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped while riding her bicycle in​ Arlington, Texas, and​ was later found murdered.
An estimated 70 percent of​ Americans have wireless phones, and​ together they can serve as​ a​ national network that assists families and​ the​ authorities in​ searching for​ abducted children .​
By signing up to​ receive Wireless AMBER Alerts, subscribers receive information about local Alerts, as​ well as​ updates as​ the​ search progresses .​
Opting In
Subscribers capable of​ receiving text messages, and​ whose wireless carrier participates in​ the​ Wireless AMBER Alerts initiative, may opt in​ to​ receive Alerts by registering at​ www.wirelessamberalerts.org or​ their wireless carrier's Web site .​
Users can designate up to​ five ZIP codes from which they'd like to​ be alerted in​ the​ case of​ an​ AMBER Alert activation .​
Public Service
Advertising Campaign
The Advertising Council, in​ partnership with NCMEC, the​ Wireless Foundation and​ the​ U.S Department of​ Justice, launched a​ multimedia public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to​ raise awareness of​ Wireless AMBER Alerts and​ encourage all wireless subscribers to​ aid in​ the​ search for​ abducted children .​
It is​ the​ first nationwide PSA campaign to​ address this technology and​ the​ ads launched on National Missing Children's Day (May 25th).
Wireless subscribers can now sign up to​ receive free AMBER Alerts via text messages.

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