A Brief History Of Distance Education

Distance education has afforded generations of​ students the opportunity pursue their educational goals outside of​ the traditional school system. it​ has allowed countless students the ability to​ further their education, while allowing them to​ maintain their obligations to​ their families and employers. While distance education is​ not for everyone, it​ has certainly stood the test of​ time. The following is​ a​ brief timeline of​ events related to​ distance education.

• 1840 – Isaac Pitman begins teaching shorthand by correspondence in​ the UK.
• 1858 – The University of​ London creates its External Program.
• 1883 – New York State authorizes the Chautauqua Institute to​ award degrees earned via correspondence.
• 1891 – The Colliery Engineer School of​ Mines renames itself International Correspondence Schools.
• 1892 – The University of​ Chicago starts administering the first university courses by mail.
• 1906 – The Calvert School of​ Baltimore becomes the first primary school in​ the United States to​ offer correspondence courses.
• 1916 – The National University Continuing Education Association is​ created in​ the United States.
• 1921 – Pennsylvania State College begins broadcasting courses on the radio.
• 1933 – The University of​ Iowa begins broadcasting courses on television.
• 1950 – The Ford Foundation begins offering grants to​ create and develop educational programs for television broadcasting.
• 1967 – The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is​ created.
• 1970 – Walden University is​ established.
• 1974 – California State University offers a​ Masters degree via correspondence.
• 1982 – The National University Teleconferencing Network is​ established.
• 1984 – The personal computer is​ named "man of​ the year" by Time Magazine.

With the advent of​ the personal computer and the development of​ the internet, distance education has evolved into an​ extremely important element of​ modern education. Most every university in​ North America offers courses online, while an​ entire cottage industry has formed around the concept of​ online education. There are countless online courses available to​ members of​ the general public. The wonderful thing about online education is​ that there are no borders, and prospective students worldwide now have access to​ the same opportunities. Online learning has the ability to​ make the world a​ better place. in​ some ways, it​ already has.
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