A Brief Guide To Steamboat Springs Restaurants

A Brief Guide To Steamboat Springs Restaurants

Never let it​ be said that mountain people don’t know how to​ cook. in​ Steamboat Springs , Colorado, restaurants offer a​ variety of​ freshly prepared, expertly cooked, quality foods that rival the​ restaurants in​ any major city. the​ city has more than 70 restaurants and​ bars and​ because of​ the​ western flair it’s a​ great place to​ sample elk, buffalo or​ Rocky Mountain oysters if​ that’s something you’ve always wanted to​ do. But don’t feel that mountain/western fare is​ all that’s available. Within a​ short walk from the​ center of​ town you’ll find Italian, Mexican, French, Japanese, Pacific Rim and​ other eclectic cuisine.

For delicious family fare in​ a​ casual, friendly atmosphere try Mazzola’s. With pizzas such as​ “The Maui Wowie,” “The White Album,” and​ “The Godfather” and​ an​ impressive list of​ entrees and​ appetizers, everyone at​ your table will have no trouble finding something delicious. for​ family fare with an​ adult twist step in​ to​ the​ Mahogany Ridge Brewery and​ Grill for​ some of​ the​ best steaks you’ll ever taste. Wash it​ down with some micro-brewed beer that rivals the​ brewmasters of​ Germany. Your kids will enjoy the​ special wild, wild west kids selections and​ the​ live music.

Is Chinese food your thing? Try the​ gourmet fare at​ the​ huge Panda Garden Restaurant or​ the​ Chinese family cooking a​ few scant blocks away at​ the​ Canton Chinese Restaurant.

In addition, there’s creole at​ Lucille’s, French at​ Harwig’s, fresh seafood at​ the​ appropriately named Freshie’s and​ at​ least six Mexican restaurants, some known more for​ their exquisite margaritas than their cooking. Feel free to​ put on your jeans and​ cowboy boots for​ most of​ them or​ dress up in​ that suit and​ tie you’ve brought with you and​ dine in​ pure elegance.

The choice is​ yours. Needless to​ say for​ a​ small town that depends on its mountain surroundings to​ bring in​ tourists, there is​ a​ variety of​ quality food available in​ Steamboat Springs that will satisfy anybody’s palate.

A Brief Guide To Steamboat Springs Restaurants

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