A Brief Guide To Barcelona

A Brief Guide To Barcelona

Outside the city limits of​ Barcelona lie intriguing suburbs, a​ striking coastline and amazing mountains. All lie in​ wait for the intrepid visitor.

Antonio Gaudi, the late famous architect, commissioned Parc Güell, a​ peculiar array of​ vibrant ceramic benches, large ornamental lizards, mosaics and pavilions of​ knotted stone. it​ is​ located behind the city and commands a​ great view of​ Barcelona. Initially constructed with a​ view to​ being a​ market, the 84 stone columns of​ the Sala Hipóstila are well worth a​ visit. Gaudi resided for his last 20 years in​ the Casa Museu Gaudí the spired house found on the same site.

A well established home of​ learning, Gràcia has a​ very down to​ earth feel. Vibrant nightlife can be found in​ its Plaça del Sol which is​ also a​ great place to​ visit by day.

People either love or​ hate the Temple del Sagrat Cor, a​ majestic basilica near the centre of​ Barcelona. Fantastic views and an​ amusement park are two of​ the attractions at​ Tibidabo, a​ peak among a​ wooded range that sits behind the city. Tibidabo is​ serviced by a​ glass lift that reaches 115m to​ the peak.

Constructed over 900 years ago and still attracting pilgrims to​ its La Moreneta (The Black Virgin), the Monestir de Montserrat is​ situated among a​ mountain range 50 km north west of​ Barcelona.

Accommodation in​ Barcelona is​ vast and varied. There is​ so much to​ choose from whether you are into hostels or​ modern, luxurious five star hotels. There are backpacker lodgings and various hotels spread across the city. it​ is​ not difficult to​ find a​ lodging that provides easy access to​ the cities main attractions.

Dining in​ Barcelona is​ a​ wonderful experience. The city has all there is​ to​ offer in​ means of​ great food and wine. There are plenty of​ Cervecerias which are bars that serve beer and various other drinks. There are dozens of​ restaurants scattered through the city that offer a​ variety of​ international cuisine. if​ traditional sea food dishes are your thing then head to​ one of​ the many marisquerias.

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