A Beginners Guide To Oolong Tea

A Beginners Guide To Oolong Tea

A Beginners Guide To Oolong Tea
Over the last few years green tea has become very popular and ​ is available in most stores and ​ cafés. ​
it​ is also used in all kinds of​ products such as​ shampoo, face cream, candles and ​ many other daily items. ​
Oolong tea is produced from the same plant, which is called Camellia Sinensis. ​
The difference is that Oolong is a​ semifermented brew whereas green tea is unfermented. ​

The fermentation process is carried out by a​ skilled worker who can ferment the tea to many different levels to create different varieties. ​
The leaves are stimulated until the oxidization process reaches the desired level and ​ then cooked to finish the process. ​

The leaves are further processed after the fermentation to enhance the smell, texture and ​ the flavor. ​
This is done by rolling and ​ rubbing the tea. ​
it​ it possible to achieve many different levels of​ tea, and ​ when the processing is over a​ knowledgeable master of​ Oolong will check the leaves and ​ give them a​ grade. ​

The history of​ Oolong tells us that it​ was first produced in Fujian province in China. ​
Some of​ the finest tea still comes from this area although it​ is now also produced in many other places including Taiwan, Vietnam and ​ Thailand. ​

One of​ the reasons that green tea has become so popular is that there are believed to many health benefits which can be obtained by regular drinking. ​
These benefits are also reported to exist in Oolong and ​ are retained even after the tea is processed. ​
Some of​ the common benefits claimed are the stimulation of​ the metabolism and ​ the ability to enhance the digestion. ​

If you are interested in trying some Oolong then it​ is recommended to find a​ quality supplier. ​
There are many sellers on the Internet who can supply good tea and ​ many who can supply not so good tea. ​
The stuff in the local Chinese store tends to be of​ very low quality and ​ not worth buying. ​
Look for a​ specialist tea merchant and ​ try a​ few different ones to find the best quality. ​

Some of​ the more popular varieties include Gao Shan, Tie Guan Yin, Vietnamese Golden Buds and ​ Formosa Oolong which comes from Taiwan. ​
Dont be afraid to get stuck in and ​ try a​ few varieties. ​
I ​ can tell you that a​ good Oolong is really a​ great tea so if ​ you are not impressed with what you buy then shop around for another merchant because the good stuff is out there.

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