A Beginners Guide To Ginseng

A Beginners Guide To Ginseng

There is​ a​ bewildering array of​ ways to​ eat, drink or​ take ginseng, to​ the point where it​ can be difficult for a​ beginner to​ even know where to​ start.

The simplest way to​ take ginseng is​ to​ simply eat the leaves from the plant. Unfortunately, unless you’re used to​ it, ginseng has a​ distinctly odd taste, which makes the experience a​ little unpleasant. Also, fresh, unprepared leaves will not last very long, which is​ makes fresh ginseng impractical if​ you don’t live in​ a​ ginseng-producing country.

The most common way to​ consume ginseng is​ to​ make it​ into a​ ginseng tea, by slicing up the leaves and then soaking it​ them in​ hot water. Dried, red ginseng can also be used for this, if​ it​ is​ put inside a​ teabag or​ similar device to​ keep the small dried leaf pieces from falling into the liquid.

There are also some more unusual ways to​ take ginseng. a​ popular preparation method in​ China is​ to​ take some ginseng leaves and some chicken, steam them together twice, and then serve it​ as​ a​ soup – it​ tastes mainly of​ chicken, but has all the health benefits of​ ginseng.

Ginseng in​ health food shops is​ often also available in​ more medicinal forms, such as​ pills, tablets and creams. Although these are easier to​ use, you may find that they are less effective compared to​ the leaves themselves, especially if​ the medicine also contains some other herbs.

If you’re just starting out and taking ginseng for the first time, probably the best place to​ start out is​ with the tea, as​ ginseng is​ far more powerful as​ a​ relaxing drink than it​ is​ as​ a​ medicine – see if​ you can find ginseng teabags containing dried leaves in​ your local herb-selling shop. to​ a​ certain extent, the smell and taste are as​ important as​ the actual consumption if​ you want to​ get the full range of​ benefits that ginseng offers.

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