A 10 Year Drive To Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer

A 10 Year Drive To Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer

A 10-Year Drive To Put the​ Brakes On Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is​ a​ highly treatable disease that now has a​ survival rate of​ 85 percent .​
Yet more than 212,000 women are still diagnosed with the​ condition each year.
Since early diagnosis is​ an​ important key to​ successful treatment, doctors say it's important that all women over the​ age of​ 18 do a​ Breast Self-Exam (BSE) every month, two or​ three days after their menstrual cycle .​
In addition, women between 20 and​ 39 should have a​ clinical breast exam at​ least every three years and​ women 40 and​ older should have a​ mammogram every year .​
For the​ past 10 years, BMW of​ North America has worked with the​ Susan G .​
Komen Breast Cancer Foundation-the largest fund-raiser for​ breast cancer research in​ America-to help spread the​ message of​ early detection and​ to​ help ensure that breast cancer research continues .​
The groups' Ultimate Drive program has raised millions to​ help fund the​ efforts .​
The initiative, fully underwritten by BMW, consists of​ two fleets of​ specifically badged BMWs making a​ cross-country trek, stopping in​ communities along the​ way to​ hold daylong events .​
People will be invited to​ test-drive the​ cars-at no cost to​ the​ participants-to raise money for​ breast cancer research, education and​ screening treatment programs .​
The car company donates $1 directly to​ the​ Komen Foundation for​ each mile driven, along with whatever other proceeds are received from the​ program .​
Upon completion of​ every drive, each participant adds his or​ her own name to​ the​ Signature Vehicle-this year, a​ BMW 3-Series .​
This year's goal is​ to​ raise over $1 million, bringing the​ program's 10-year total up to​ over $10 million .​
To help celebrate the​ initiative's 10th anniversary, the​ 240-stop cross-country trek has been expanded to​ include Alaska.
People can test-drive the​ cars to​ help fight breast cancer .​
They can also:
• Regularly conduct BSEs, have clinical exams and​ mammograms
• Stop smoking and​ stressing
• Get more exercise
• Cut or​ reduce their alcohol consumption
• Watch their diet .​
Try to​ eat plenty of​ olive oil, fruits, vegetables, grains, fresh fish and​ poultry.

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