9 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

9 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

9 Ways to​ Increase Web Traffic
There are many ways to​ increase web traffic; the​ most valuable of​ course is
offering some ongoing and​ dynamic value such as​ blogs or​ online discussion
that keep the​ same people coming back, but a​ host of​ other options exist

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve touched on this in​ previous chapters but Search Engine
Optimization or​ SEO as​ it​ is​ often referred to​ is​ a​ huge success for
many sites, and​ has even spawned a​ service industry in​ its own right
where people are getting paid to​ optimize your site and​ site
submissions to​ try and​ increase how well your site ranks on various
search engines .​
Ideally you should do this yourself by submitting to
various directories and​ using the​ tips and​ hints I’ve already mentioned but if​ you are ‘Internet Impaired’ it​ may be worth paying a​ consultant
to assist you .​

List your site in​ Directories and​ Search Engines

There are many search engines and​ directories out there where you
can list your website for​ increased exposure .​
Some charge a​ fee while
others are free or​ low-cost but the​ important thing to​ remember is​ to
go through each one IN PERSON and​ optimize the​ data you provide
each to​ ensure the​ listing provides the​ best interface to​ your site as
possible .​

Participate in​ Link Exchanges

A ‘link exchange’ refers to​ the​ act of​ having a​ URL or​ ‘hyperlink’ from
another site either on your page or​ another site pointing to​ pages on
your site .​
With Exchanges another webmaster will link to​ your site in
exchange for​ you linking to​ theirs – hopefully complimenting each
others sites .​

Advertise your site via AdWords or​ other resources such as
banner ads

There are many advertising avenues out there to​ get your website
increased recognition, the​ simplest of​ course link exchanges and​ wordof-
mouth, but paid methods such as​ using Google’s AdWords program
to pop up a​ link to​ your site when certain keywords are entered into
search engines is​ a​ very effective way to​ increase traffic to​ your sites.
From the​ vendor side it​ works like this: you bid (or offer) an​ amount
that you will pay for​ a​ list of​ keywords used when people query.
Depending on your bid and​ the​ maximum daily expenditure settings
you specify (the largest amount of​ payout you are willing to​ do on any
given day) your ad shows and​ you’re charged for​ each user who clicks
through the​ ad to​ your site .​

Get published on other sites

The Internet is​ a​ wide place and​ a​ lot of​ people are out there every
day so try to​ participate in​ other sites with a​ similar interest to​ yours
and post articles and​ stories – be sure to​ include a​ link or​ reference to
your web site and​ viola! Free advertising!

Request Reviews from magazines and​ online webmasters

Many other sites have a​ link or​ ‘rating’ page where you can ask them
to provide feedback and​ suggestions on your page and​ its content –
doing so will often not only gather additional interest and​ visibility but
can help you to​ tweak your site and​ improve it​ to​ better meet your
needs .​

Post in​ chat rooms and​ on blogs

Just as​ with posting articles using chat and​ blog entries to​ promote
your site is​ a​ good ‘semi-permanent’ way to​ get your website address
out there before the​ public .​

Give away free gifts and​ hold contests

This is​ actually a​ variation of​ the​ customer rewards program idea – by
holding a​ contest, say a​ $100 grand prize eBook contest where you get the​ rights to​ all submitted eBooks and​ the​ winner gets $100 you can
generate traffic and​ often get other benefits .​
Ideas include ‘help
create a​ logo’ or​ ‘closes predictions for​ the​ upcoming election’ …
anything you can think of​ can be pressed into service in​ fact!

Join local business organizations

An often overlooked benefit of​ any community is​ the​ local businesses
and merchants as​ well as​ the​ Better Business Bureau .​
Being a
member can not only let your fellow businesses be aware of​ you and
your site, but can also introduce you to​ new concepts and​ tools you
can use to​ increase both your visibility and​ profitability.

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