9 Places You Can Save Money For Your Family

9 Places You Can Save Money For Your Family

9 Places You Can Save Money for​ Your Family
Most families are spending more and​ ​ more money every year and​ ​ not just because the​ cost of​ living rose while also saving less and​ ​ less .​

One reason is​ that few household managers spend much time reviewing expenses and​ ​ expenditures to​ find ways they can save money .​

However almost every family has places where costs can be cut and​ ​ pennies can be pinched and​ ​ if​ ​ those freed up funds are then used to​ pay down debt and​ ​ save for​ the​ future it​ could have a​ dramatic impact on their quality of​ life.
Food is​ one big area where many families could be more thrifty .​

Families spend an​ average of​ $2,434 on food away from home, according to​ the​ Consumer Expenditure Survey from the​ U.S .​

Bureau of​ Labor Statistics .​

if ​ you and​ ​ your spouse and​ ​ your children eat lunch out every day of​ the​ week then try brownbagging at​ ​ least one of​ those days .​

if ​ just one of​ you does it​ you may save up to​ $400 a​ year and​ ​ if​ ​ you can double or​ triple that savings you could finance a​ family vacation with it.
Another major expense is​ your home .​

When was the​ last time you looked at​ ​ refinancing? Can you find a​ lower interest rate? Can you renegotiate to​ a​ shorter time frame? Even if​ ​ you cant change your mortgage payment you may be able to​ pay a​ bit extra each month which over time will help pay down your mortgage faster .​

Also, dont overlook your utilities .​

There are ways to​ save in​ this area as​ well including updating your insulation and​ ​ weather stripping, keeping uptodate with maintenance and​ ​ cleaning of​ your furnace and​ ​ air conditioner or​ using a​ programmable thermostat to​ take advantage of​ those times when your house is​ empty or​ the​ family is​ asleep.
Transportation is​ another major expense for​ many families .​

Not only are vehicles expensive to​ buy but also to​ maintain and​ ​ operate especially with gasoline prices at​ ​ such high levels .​

Is carpooling an​ option for​ any members of​ the​ family on at​ ​ least a​ parttime basis? Make sure to​ combine errands and​ ​ trips to​ cut down on your travel and​ ​ save money when buying gasoline by taking advantage of​ special programs and​ ​ discounts and​ ​ remaining vigilant about gas prices .​

In addition, following a​ regular maintenance schedule and​ ​ proper tire inflation can also help you achieve maximum gas mileage for​ your vehicle.
Choosing your bank wisely can be another way to​ save money .​

Make sure the​ bank you use offers free or​ at​ ​ least low cost checking as​ well as​ electronic billpaying .​

Electronic billpaying and​ ​ a​ debit card can cut down on your need to​ use checks and​ ​ postage which will save you in​ the​ long run as​ well as​ help you better manage payments so you will avoid fees, penalties, and​ ​ higher interest rates.
Cutting your credit card costs can be another major savings .​

This means making sure you are using the​ best possible credit card with a​ low interest rate and​ ​ low or​ no annual fee .​

Shop around until you find your perfect match and​ ​ dont forget to​ cancel and​ ​ cut up those rejected suitors.
Health care is​ not really an​ area where you can cut expenses but you can save money by taking advantage of​ special offers and​ ​ programs .​

For example, many employers offer a​ Flexible Spending Account where you can save money before taxes for​ outofpocket medical expenses for​ prescription and​ ​ nonprescription ​Drug​s, dental expenses, and​ ​ eye care.
Tuning up your insurance policies can also help you save money .​

When did you last compare rates for​ your home, your vehicles, and​ ​ yourself? Some other ways to​ cut costs are to​ raise your deductible level or​ using the​ same company for​ multiple coverage your home and​ ​ vehicles .​

When you are shopping around make sure to​ give your current company a​ shot at​ ​ keeping you .​

Sometimes they can offer a​ better rate too.
Another major expense for​ many families is​ the​ cost of​ communication including local and​ ​ long distance phone service, cell phones, cable or​ satellite television, and​ ​ Internet access .​

Review your expenditures and​ ​ cut out the​ services you dont need .​

Can some of​ these expenses be bundled to​ save money? Are there better plans for​ your needs?
When looking to​ save money it​ is​ important to​ become an​ aggressive shopper .​

The Internet makes it​ possible today to​ compare prices and​ ​ product reviews while not spending a​ lot of​ time and​ ​ money driving from store to​ store .​

Any big ticket item and​ ​ that includes your weekly groceries, cleaning products and​ ​ health and​ ​ beauty aids deserves a​ closer study.
Over the​ next, month take time to​ review your family expenses and​ ​ expenditures in​ each of​ these nine areas .​

Making a​ few alterations in​ your familys spending habits will soon make a​ difference in​ the​ overall household budget .​

You can raise your familys quality of​ life by making just a​ few changes in​ your monthly budget.

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