80s Tv Brings Laughter And Action To The Masses

80s Tv Brings Laughter And Action To The Masses

80's TV Brings Laughter and​ Action To the​ Masses
Thank goodness for​ television DVDs and​ reruns featuring the​ 1980s television classics many of​ us fell in​ love with and​ still enjoy watching today .​
Thank goodness too for​ the​ blogs dedicated to​ discussing and​ reliving some of​ the​ greatest moments in​ television history that were made by the​ televisions classics of​ the​ 1980s .​
1980s television was built on both family friendly sitcoms like the​ Cosby Show as​ well as​ some dramatic and​ action packed dramas like Dallas and​ the​ Fall Guy .​
The combination of​ the​ familiar and​ the​ cutting edge made 80s television classics to​ a​ generation.
One memorable season of​ Dallas came to​ a​ close with a​ cliffhanger that captivated the​ world .​
In that final scene, a​ shadowy figure approaches and​ shoots JR Ewing before the​ screen faded to​ black and​ the​ credits rolled .​
The world was fixated on who shot JR over what seemed to​ be an​ endless summer hiatus .​
Sue Ellen, Cliff Barnes, Pamela, Lucy, Ray, competing oil barons JR had crossed, and​ even brother Bobby all had motive and​ were suspect .​
I​ mean JR Ewing really never met someone that he didn’t eventually make an​ enemy of​ .​
But when the​ question of​ who was finally answered it​ was Sue Ellen’s little sister Kristen Shepard who had tried to​ send JR to​ his maker for​ judgment day .​
Dallas is​ now available on DVD so you can relive every addictive moment with the​ Ewing’s at​ Southfork on those 1980s evenings.
What do a​ substitute teacher, farm enthusiast, addict and​ an​ old Sicilian have in​ common? Retirement and​ living with roommates .​
The Golden Girls, a​ classic television show from the​ 80s gave us a​ different perspective on getting older, working beyond the​ typical age of​ retirement, and​ the​ tribulations of​ sharing a​ home with other adults, even if​ one of​ them is​ the​ mother you thought had been comfortably situated to​ live at​ the​ Shady Pines nursing home .​
We laughed a​ lot with the​ gals, but we also cried a​ lot too .​
Issues faced by older adults were also played out on this 80s television classic .​
Letting your grown children live their own lives, pensions not lasting as​ long as​ they did 50 years ago, the​ poor conditions in​ many nursing homes, Alzheimer’s, heart conditions, deaths of​ friends, planning for​ our own deaths, and​ dealing with the​ conflicts that arise from living with a​ house full of​ roommates were faced with determination, humor, and​ Sicilian curses by these Golden Gals we grew to​ love so much. .​
In addition to​ picking up episodes of​ the​ Golden Girls on DVD, you can still catch reruns of​ the​ Golden Girls on television stations devoted to​ showing 1980s classic TV.
Quick, name the​ five Cosby kid .​
Were you able to​ remember the​ children of​ Cliff and​ Claire Huxtable from the​ beloved 1980s TV sitcom, the​ Cosby Show? Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and​ Rudy, the​ Huxtable kids, kept Father, Dr, Cliff Huxtable, and​ Mother, Attorney Claire Huxtable busy dealing with their growing pains .​
The theme of​ this 1980s television sitcom focused on a​ working family living in​ a​ brownstone in​ New York .​
The Cosby show is​ often heralded as​ being one of​ the​ first television sitcoms to​ feature a​ black family in​ a​ situation that many of​ us could then and​ now relate to .​
The Cosby’s were a​ loving family headed by two professional, hard-working parents .​
Love of​ family, civic duty, education, political and​ religious participation, and​ service to​ others, integrity, living above negative influences such as​ smoking, drinking, gang violence, and​ racism were all themes that were skillfully dealt with by the​ Cosby Show writers .​
Still seen on certain television stations, we never get tired of​ watching the​ Huxtables .​
Selected seasons of​ the​ Cosby Show are now available on DVD too so you can watch them whenever you want to.
Perhaps one of​ the​ least talked about but better loved action adventure shows on during the​ 80s was the​ Fall Guy .​
He made the​ hearts of​ women skip a​ beat with his spectacular stunts, completed without giving his tanned face or​ muscled body a​ scratch .​
Falling off tall buildings, jumping cars over flaming lines of​ vehicles, throwing punches, crashing through windows, fighting crime and​ rescuing those in​ need is​ what every action-packed episode centering around .​
Fearless stuntman and​ hero, sexy bounty hunter Colt Seavers provided us with a​ weekly dose of​ excitement and​ mystery .​
Colt and​ his cousin Howie never failed to​ catch their fugitive from the​ law man .​
This is​ one classic television show from the​ 1980s that still gets the​ adrenaline pumping even when watching reruns .​
Seasons 1 through 5 of​ the​ Fall Guy are now available on DVD .​
This is​ one 1980s action TV show that will never lose its appeal.
Classic television now encompasses great sitcoms and​ dramas from the​ 1980s .​
Catching up on some of​ your favorite TV families like the​ Huxtables or​ the​ Ewings is​ now even easier with the​ broadening availability of​ classic 80s television on DVD .​
Catch an​ episode or​ purchase a​ DVD and​ relive the​ memories of​ that great era.
Ben Anton, 2018

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