7 Tips For Saving Gas And Money

7 Tips For Saving Gas And Money

The U.S. Department of​ Transportation reports that Americans drive an​ average of​ 29 miles each day, and​ spend almost 60 minutes a​ day in​ their cars. With the​ price of​ gas at​ the​ pumps skyrocketing, it​ just makes sense to​ do everything you can to​ save your hard-earned money. it​ doesn’t seem like gas prices will return to​ ‘normal’ any time soon. You need all the​ ammunition you can get to​ fight back; here are 7 tips to​ help.

1. Some credit cards are offering great gas savings. it​ works the​ same way that frequent flyer miles do- you get a​ bonus every time you fill up. You’re going to​ fill up anyway, so take advantage of​ the​ bonus!

2. Join the​ ‘club’. Gas stations are starting to​ offer great, money saving membership programs. Some grocery and​ department stores are also giving huge discounts at​ the​ gas pump when you use their store card. It’s worth checking into.

3. Regular tune-ups and​ oil changes will save you gas in​ the​ long run.

4. Check out gas prices on the​ internet. There are websites that will let you find the​ best deals on gas in​ your area, without having to​ drive around looking for​ them.

5. if​ you are in​ the​ market for​ a​ new car, check out the​ hybrid models. Not only will you save on gas, but you will also be eligible for​ great tax rebates from both the​ state and​ federal government.

6. Use the​ cheapest gas possible. Most modern cars run just as​ well on regular unleaded as​ on the​ more expensive premium gas.

7. Turn off the​ air conditioner. Running the​ a/c makes your car’s engine work harder, causing it​ to​ burn more gas.

Use these tips to​ squeeze the​ most miles out of​ each gallon of​ gas, and​ start saving money at​ the​ gas pumps today.

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