7 Things To Do Before Buying Travel Insurance

7 Things To Do Before Buying Travel Insurance

Going back to​ Roman times,​ risks have been shared during times of​ tragedy and unforeseen circumstances,​ such as​ earthquakes,​ floods and the​ like. the​ first formal and recorded insurance company,​ Lloyd's of​ London,​ was formed in​ 1769 and their founding principal remains intact today - to​ gather the​ premiums of​ clients as​ a​ pool of​ resources in​ order to​ return to​ clients who experience unexpected and unforeseen but covered events. So,​ that is​ the​ secret really,​ plan for the​ unexpected and unforeseen and make sure you're covered,​ especially when you're travelling. Whether your trip is​ a​ quick one or​ a​ round the​ world cruise,​ there are many good reasons for travel insurance. Here are just 7 things you​ should do before you​ buy your travel insurance:

Whatever you​ do,​ please explore the​ market and educate yourself with all the​ terms and terminologies of​ the​ travel insurance cover that will help you​ to​ avail the​ best travel insurance.

Certainly check what is​ included in​ your travel insurance policy but most importantly,​ check what is​ EXCLUDED from your travel insurance policy.

Research the​ area you​ are going to. What is​ the​ weather likely to​ be like? is​ there any danger of​ hurricanes or​ tropical storms? Floods? How about Mosquito borne disease? What is​ the​ crime rate like? Whatever the​ perceived dangers your research uncovers then make sure that your travel insurance covers you​ for that eventuality. it​ is​ no good after the​ event to​ find out that you​ are not covered for rabid dog attacks (because there are so many in​ that particular area).

Discuss Your Existing Medical Conditions and Requirements - you​ need to​ carefully assess your likely medical requirements and make sure that these are declared to​ the​ travel insurance company.

If you​ intend to​ drive make sure that you​ are adequately covered. Many hire companies charge astronomic excesses in​ case of​ an​ accident. Make sure that you​ insured for that excess (and it​ will be a​ lot cheaper than paying the​ hire company's rates for that same cover).

Make sure you​ have the​ necessary documentation for travel in​ that country. Take Spain for example which is​ part of​ the​ European community and will offer free health care say to​ a​ UK citizen on​ holiday or​ living there. There are certain conditions,​ one of​ which is​ that you​ must have a​ UK E111 form,​ if​ you​ don't have that,​ you​ will not be treated. you​ must also go to​ a​ national health hospital,​ which are not in​ abundance in​ certain areas of​ Spain.

If travelling in​ Europe,​ it​ may pay to​ get a​ EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) as​ this will remove a​ lot of​ worry should you​ need any emergency treatment.

Okay,​ so there you​ have it. 7 things to​ do before buying travel insurance for the​ next trip you​ make. the​ other alternative of​ course is​ to​ not take out travel insurance,​ or​ to​ stay at​ home. Now,​ there's an​ idea. But seriously,​ as​ always when taking out insurance,​ especially travel insurance,​ read the​ fine print first. Importantly,​ find out before you​ go what is​ excluded,​ not just included. So,​ always read the​ fine print. For example,​ accidental coverage is​ not provided in​ case of​ drunken driving,​ driving under the​ influence of​ narcotic substances etc. Exclusions are also provided for accidents during risky sports like bungee jumping,​ car racing,​ (insert for your favourite potentially dangerous sport here),​ scuba diving,​ white water rafting,​ flying (except as​ passenger in​ regular airliners),​ gliding,​ skiing,​ bike racing,​ diving,​ mountaineering,​ windsurfing etc. the​ list goes on. That means in​ case of​ accidents in​ these situations the​ insurance company is​ not liable to​ pay any amount to​ the​ insured.

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