7 Strategies Benefits Of Using Online Coupons

7 Strategies & Benefits of​ Using Online Coupons
1 .​
Increased Traffic - Introduce your business to​ new customers and​ send a​ reminder to​ your existing customers, driving traffic back to​ your store, office or​ Web site .​
Give your customers and​ prospects a​ reason to​ choose your business over the​ competition by offering exclusive coupons and​ discounts.
2 .​
a​ Larger Email Marketing list - Make your customers or​ visitors sign-up for​ your email newsletter before they are able to​ receive your coupons .​
That way you'll have an​ opportunity to​ follow back up with them to​ resell.
3 .​
Increased Sales and​ Repeat Sales - Remember, when customers visit your store, office or​ site to​ redeem a​ coupon, they will very likely buy more than just the​ item promoted thereon .​
Same goes for​ a​ discount .​
Both new, and​ existing customers may be motivated to​ try a​ new product or​ service they would not have considered otherwise.
4 .​
Viral Marketing - Take advantage of​ word-of- mouth referrals by encouraging your customers to​ forward your coupons to​ interested friends or​ family members .​
It is​ the​ oldest and​ least expensive form of​ advertising.
5 .​
Increased Customer Loyalty - Develop relationships with your customers by offering them added value, letting them know how much you appreciate their business .​
Keep their minds on you, and​ they'll forget about the​ competition.
6 .​
Affordability - Save your marketing dollars .​
Online coupons are far less expensive than traditional coupon advertising because they require no production expense or​ mailing costs.
7 .​
Targeting - Reach the​ right customers .​
Companies like Loyal Email target precisely where your customers live, where they like to​ shop, and​ what they like to​ buy, making your coupons highly relevant and, accordingly, more effective.
8 .​
The Better Your Coupon, the​ Better Your Response- Use online coupons to​ offer savings of​ money (a dollar amount or​ a​ percentage off), time (free pick- up/delivery or​ gift wrapping) or​ to​ promote any aspect of​ your business .​
For example: a​ restaurant may offer a​ buy one entrée and​ get the​ 2nd at​ half price .​
a​ landscaper may offer a​ free crabgrass eater application with a​ yearly contract, a​ movie rental store may offer a​ 2 for​ 1 midweek rental, and​ a​ retail store or​ website may offer $20.00 off any purchase of​ $100.00 or​ more.

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