7 Steps To Manifesting More Money Into Your Life Effortlessly Easily
Using The Law Of Attraction

7 Steps To Manifesting More Money Into Your Life Effortlessly Easily Using The Law Of Attraction

The most obvious step to​ manifesting more money is​ to​ "make" more money. the​ first thing that may come into your mind is​ to​ either work over-time at​ your current job or​ business, or​ get a​ second (or third job). Although, these are some very effective ways to​ increase your cash-flow, they may not lead to​ an​ increased money consciousness into your life.

Let me explain. You can get a​ second job or​ work more hours in​ your current job, or​ business, but then you could turn around and​ spend more money than you are currently. Many people are caught in​ this viscous cycle of​ spending and​ owing. They can't seem to​ make the​ money that is​ coming in​ work for​ them. They wonder if​ the​ law of​ attraction is​ really working in​ their lives.

If this may have been the​ case with you, then you will benefit from the​ following steps, so that you can manifest more prosperity into your life using the​ law of​ attraction.

If you have seen the​ Secret Movie, then you may have an​ idea of​ how to​ use the​ law of​ attraction to​ manifest more money. Basically, it's called repeated focus.

Step 1. Focus on money. Money is​ your friend. You have to​ develop a​ healthy love for​ money. Many people are afraid of​ loving money, because they confuse a​ healthy love for​ money with greed or​ arrogance. This couldn't be further from the​ truth. a​ healthy love of​ money is​ the​ same as​ the​ love of​ flowers, cars, chocolate ice cream, your pet, family, friends, or​ anything else in​ this beautiful universe that makes life worth living. When it​ comes to​ using the​ law of​ attraction, it's all about balance and​ being open to​ receiving more.

In short, the​ law of​ attraction states that like attracts like. We are all like magnets, attracting those things that we think, feel and​ see inside our consciousness on a​ consistent basis.

Therefore, make it​ a​ point to​ meditate on money every day. Take at​ least 30 minutes to​ an​ hour each day to​ get into the​ feeling of​ having more than enough money. Envision actual money in​ your hands. if​ this is​ hard for​ you to​ do, then start by envisioning it​ for​ your friends and​ loved ones. Imagine them with more than enough money and​ living a​ happy life. the​ more you do this, the​ easier it​ gets to​ think of​ yourself this way too.

Step 2: Eliminate debts. Set up an​ automatic payment system for​ all your credit card bills and​ debts that you owe. This way you are taking care of​ what you owe and​ you are free to​ focus on manifesting money and​ abundance.

Step 3: Create a​ Budget - Sit down and​ write out your monthly money income. Then on a​ separate sheet of​ paper sit down and​ write out your monthly costs and​ expenses. Then create a​ reasonable budget that you can handle, while at​ the​ same time cutting unnecessary expenses.

Step 4: Cut Down on Unnecessary Expenses - Do you really have to​ buy that cup of​ coffee every morning before going to​ work? What about eating out? Can you eat at​ home more often, thereby saving the​ cost of​ having to​ dine out all the​ time? What about impulse buying? Can you make a​ list before going to​ the​ store and​ then buy exactly what is​ on that list?

Step 5: Increase Your Income. the​ most obvious way is​ to​ work more hours at​ the​ job or​ take on more work in​ the​ business. But what about setting up multiple streams of​ income that flow in​ on an​ automatic and​ consistent basis? Many people have set up a​ home based business over the​ Internet using the​ law of​ attraction. in​ many cases, they have not had to​ work much more than usual to​ create multiple streams of​ income.

An excellent book that has helped me, is​ "The Science of​ Getting Rich", by Wallace D. Wattles. in​ "The Science of​ Getting Rich", you'll learn to​ tap into the​ plane of​ abundance. You'll learn that there is​ really no such thing as​ competition when it​ comes to​ building your home based business by using the​ law of​ attraction.

Increasing your cash flow does not have to​ mean struggle or​ hardship. It's all about how you view things. This is​ one of​ the​ things that the​ Secret Movie DVD did not go into detail about.

Also, another book I recommend is​ "The Laws of​ Thinking: 20 Secrets to​ Using the​ Divine Power of​ Your Mind to​ Manifest Prosperity", by Bishop E. Jordan. This book makes you realize that absolutely nothing happens without thought. This includes using the​ law of​ attraction to​ manifest prosperity.

Step 6: Save! Make it​ a​ habit to​ save. Even if​ you can only manage to​ save $1 every month, take that dollar and​ put it​ into savings. Don't touch your savings for​ at​ least a​ year. the​ more you save the​ easier it​ will get for​ you to​ save more. This is​ what I call the​ saving mentality. Sometimes emergencies are necessary, but the​ key to​ saving is​ balance.

Step 7: Become Thankful - look at​ the​ money that you already have. Become thankful that you have this! There are people who don't even have a​ fourth of​ what you have. By becoming thankful on a​ regular basis you focus on the​ good things you already have and​ give them a​ chance to​ expand and​ grow even more.

The above steps are just basic principles that you can use to​ manifest more money into your life effortlessly using the​ law of​ attraction. if​ you've seen "The Secret Movie DVD", then you'll remember that the​ law of​ attraction is​ a​ very powerful principle. With continued persistence and​ dedication, you'll start harness the​ law of​ attraction and​ manifest a​ life of​ ever increasing money, success, and​ abundance.

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