7 Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Work

7 Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Work

the Internet becomes even more pervasive, the​ importance of​ search engine optimization continues to​ grow.You can make the​ most of​ your Internet marketing efforts by following the​ same steps that top ranking sites do for​ improvinge their rankings.You may think that top ranking sites have to​ spend lots of​ money to​ get there.The truth is​ that sites who come out on top, follow some basic search engine optimization guidelines.These guidelines are easy to​ follow and​ often cost little or​ nothing to​ put into practice.

1. Manually register your site with DMOZ, also known as​ the​ Open Directory Project.The Open Directory Project is​ the​ largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of​ the​ Web. it​ is​ constructed and​ maintained by a​ vast, global community of​ volunteer editors and​ feeds other leading web directories.

2. Manually submit your site to​ Google.If you’d like to​ wait, Google will eventually spider your site and​ return it​ in​ search result listings related to​ your site name and​ keywords.However, this may take some time.For faster inclusion, visit Google and​ submit your site manually.

3. Purchase a​ listing with Yahoo! Directory Submit.Yahoo! like Google provides many search products.However, Directory Submit is​ essential for​ any business on the​ web. for​ a​ fee of​ $299 Yahoo! will include your web site in​ their directory that fuels websites like Yahoo!, MSN and​ AltaVista.

4. Make sure you are using keywords with a​ high KEI.This measure takes into consideration both the​ popularity and​ competitiveness of​ your keywords.By focusing on keywords with a​ higher KEI, you can optimize your chance for​ search engines to​ select your site for​ keywords at​ little or​ no expense.

5. Engage in​ a​ link building campaign.The more links you have to​ your site, especially if​ they have a​ high Google Page Rank, will signal Google and​ other search engines that your site is​ important.A great way to​ do this is​ through article submission or​ affiliate programs.

6. Make your site easily to​ crawl.Search engine do not like dynamic pages.Although this is​ changing with the​ advent of​ Google Site Maps, it​ is​ still important to​ ensure that all search engines can easily traverse your website.Make sure to​ use HTML coding and​ avoid dynamically created pages.

7. Be patient.Once you follow these suggestions, allow search engines time to​ re-index your site.In the​ Internet age, we’re looking for​ instant results.However, it​ does take some time for​ all of​ your search engine optimization techniques to​ take hold.

By implementing the​ suggestions we’ve discussed in​ this article, your search engine optimization efforts can generate positive returns.As the​ world of​ search engines continue to​ evolve, it's important to​ learn about the​ latest techniques and​ requirements for​ improving search engine results.Continue to​ focus on SEO.If you do, you’ll find yourself at​ the​ top of​ the​ rankings!

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