7 Quick Cash Fixes To Recover From A Money Emergency

7 Quick Cash Fixes To Recover From A Money Emergency

7 Quick Cash Fixes To Recover From a​ Money Emergency
When you are desperate to​ raise emergency funds, it​ usually doesn’t take very long for​ you to​ realize who really cares about you, who is​ truly a​ friend .. .​
be they family or​ not .​
Here are a​ few emergency budgeting tips:
Budgeting Tip #1: the​ first thing you want to​ do is​ prioritize to​ get back on track very quickly .​
If that means letting your credit card bill go for​ a​ bit, so be it .​
As soon as​ you realize that you have a​ money emergency, contact your credit card issuers and​ request reduced interest rates and​ payments .​
Not only one, both!
Budgeting Tip #2: for​ your car payment, call the​ creditor and​ request a​ payment extension .​
Perhaps you hate payment extensions, because they require a​ fee and​ you still have to​ make the​ payment at​ the​ end of​ the​ contract .​
In this case, a​ payment extension can allow a​ little breathing room to​ help you recover during your money emergency .​
Expect that you will likely have to​ pay a​ fee (usually about ¼ - 1/3 the​ car payment amount) for​ the​ extension .​
Freeing up the​ money you need today is​ your first and​ only goal at​ this point.
Budgeting Tip #3: Check to​ see if​ your mortgage holder will allow an​ extension for​ a​ nominal fee .​
Do this today!
Budgeting Tip #4: Another quick fix, is​ to​ host an​ on the​ spot yard sale .​
You don’t have too much time for​ planning, so do a​ quick survey of​ your personal belongings .​
Come up with clothes that no longer fit, but that are in​ good condition, knick-knacks, dishes, and​ books as​ well as​ stuff you bought but no longer use .​
Throw it​ all together, quickly .​
Put some notices up the​ same day at​ laundry mats and​ grocery stores around town, and​ remember to​ place a​ sign at​ the​ end of​ your driveway .​
You can make a​ quick $300 this way with very little time and​ effort .​
Budgeting Tip #5: if​ you have a​ larger item to​ sell, call into the​ local radio stations to​ see if​ they have a​ call in​ swap show on the​ weekends .​
This is​ a​ very popular way to​ quickly convert gently used and​ more expensive items to​ fast cash.
Budgeting Tip #6: Another quick option is​ with utility and​ telephone bills .​
If you aren’t already on a​ budget plan, ask that the​ current bill (plus any previous balance you owe) be set up for​ a​ budget plan .​
Expect to​ pay a​ down payment (usually ¼ of​ the​ bill) and​ that all future bills (while on the​ back payment budget plan) must be kept current .​
The nice thing about it​ .. .​
it’s usually interest free, and​ can give you some much-needed breathing space for​ a​ month .​
You must be sure though that you maintain the​ regular utility payments and​ the​ budget payments in​ the​ coming month.
Budgeting Tip #7: Check with your family church regarding emergency help .​
Local churches can be one of​ the​ best places to​ find out what’s available in​ the​ community to​ help those in​ need, or​ in​ times of​ emergency .​
Check with your local church, first.
Getting Fast Cash through Borrowing
If you are absolutely, positively, in​ a​ bind, a​ real cash emergency, and​ you have exhausted all of​ the​ above, then consider borrowing .​
First, ask your family, then your local bank.
As a​ last resort, you may want to​ consider what’s known as​ a​ Payday Loan .​
These types of​ borrowing stores can be useful when all else fails.

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