7 Questions Consumers Ask Before Buying Your Product

7 Questions Consumers Ask Before Buying Your Product
1 .​
What's the deal?
Customers want to​ know what they are getting into before they open up their wallet .​
One of​ the best ways to​ upset them is​ to​ give them unexpected fees at​ the last minute .​
Make the deal plain and simple.. .​
no unexpected and unpleasant surprises.
2 .​
How do I​ benefit?
Let's face it.. .​
customer really don't give a​ hoot about who you are, your hard earned credentials or​ your company history .​
They want to​ know what this product will do for me? Spend your time wisely; emphasize the benefits the consumer will enjoy.. .​
and you've got a​ sale!
3 .​
How soon?
Our economy has come to​ expect immediate gratification .​
The quicker your customer has the purchase in​ his hands, the happier he is .​
Invest in​ quicker service, for higher sales volume and increased customer satisfaction.
4 .​
Can I​ return it?
Hey, there's always risk in​ a​ purchase .​
What if​ it's not what the box made it​ look like? The knowledge that it​ can be returned soothes the customers fear of​ making a​ poor investment .​
Money back guarantees go a​ long way toward banishing the last minute purchase jitters.
5 .​
Should I​ trust you?
The best way to​ turn away a​ potential customer is​ to​ offer a​ to​ good to​ be true deal .​
No one trusts exaggerations or​ even claims that sound like exaggerations .​
Do you have a​ deal that really is​ too good to​ be true? Be careful how you word it .​
Remember that a​ customer who discovers his product is​ even better than promised is​ an​ extremely satisfied customer.
6 .​
Am I​ making the right choice?
Emotions and logic work together to​ create the right balance for the buyer .​
Usually the purchase is​ based on emotion .​
It's later that the customer looks for the logic to​ justify the purchase .​
Be sure to​ include logic in​ your advertisments so the customer will feel that his purchase was justified.
7 .​
How do I​ pay for it?
You probably remember standing in​ line at​ a​ place of​ business, while the customer 9 people ahead of​ you tried every method of​ payment under the sun .​
Everyone was shifting from foot to​ foot impatiently, and some even laid their products down and walked out empty handed.
Hey, it​ happens in​ the virtual world too .​
Consumers wait and wait for a​ page to​ download.. .​
they become frustrated and with one click of​ the mouse.. .​
you've lost a​ sale .​

Make sure purchasing is​ an​ easy and painfree experience for your customers .​
If it's too complicated and lengthy, they'll just forget it.. .​
and you can kiss your profit goodbye.

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