7 Pointers About Web Design

7 Pointers About Web Design

In order to​ master the​ art of​ web design, designers must follow the​ subsequent pointers:

1. Web designers are marketers per se. Web sites are all about advertising products, ideas and​ services. Thus, a​ web designer has to​ understand the​ mindset of​ marketers in​ order to​ create a​ design that sell.

2. Read, read and​ read. We do not experience everything. Thus, our tendency is​ to​ learn from others. Reading web design books, newsletters and​ tips are pretty valuable since they can save you time and​ effort. Basically, books are more conclusive than newsletters and​ tips however, they are for​ free and​ mostly updated.

3. Narrow down your target market. You cannot please everybody same thing that you cannot be good at​ everything. Thus, this fact calls for​ the​ narrowing of​ your target market. Even in​ the​ interface of​ the​ so-called web design, a​ designer cannot claim that he is​ an​ expert at​ anything or​ everything about the​ needs of​ a​ website. it​ is​ better to​ pick a​ certain audience and​ try to​ be good at​ catching their attention, preference and​ choice. This practice allows you to​ be best at​ a​ given area thus developing expertise.

4. Answer your target audience’s needs. in​ order to​ answer the​ visitor’s needs, web designers must know what kind of​ visitors his site is​ welcoming. Do they belong to​ the​ younger generation or​ otherwise? What do they want from your site? Are these information, details and​ pleasures in​ your site in​ order to​ get their undivided attention and​ loyalty? Bear in​ mind that colors, font size, style of​ graphics, contents and​ the​ entirety of​ the​ site affects viewer’s decision and​ choice.

5. Know the​ basics of​ SEO and​ copywriting. Though Search Engine Optimization and​ copywriting are not directly related to​ designing, still, designers must have basic knowledge about them. This is​ because web designing is​ intertwined with marketing, use of​ keywords and​ visibility.

Aside from that, designers must also have knowledge of​ the​ programming basics. if​ not, the​ tendency is​ waste time or​ to​ create a​ mediocre or​ unsatisfactory design to​ the​ detriment of​ the​ sites.

6. the​ primacy of​ functionality. if​ ever you are faced to​ make a​ decision between a​ web site’s aesthetic form and​ its functionality, you have to​ be firm in​ upholding the​ latter. Not everything that is​ pretty is​ ‘saleable’. Besides, you don’t create web sites for​ the​ sake of​ making it​ nice-looking.

Above anything else, the​ site must be functional so as​ to​ cater to​ every visitor’s wants and​ needs. Appearance is​ a​ means to​ catch visitor’s attention nevertheless, it​ is​ not the​ end. if​ a​ designer prioritizes appearance alone without considering its primary consideration the​ web site’s marketability will suffer.

7. Know when to​ break the​ rules. Rules are only guidelines, if​ you feel that the​ rules are inappropriate for​ a​ certain creation follow your heart’s desire and​ venture on an​ experimental adventure.

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