7 Guidelines To Choosing A Great Patio Umbrella

7 Guidelines To Choosing A Great Patio Umbrella

When your outdoor space lacks trees and shade, the simplest and most affordable solution is​ buying patio umbrellas. Unfortunately, purchasing an​ umbrella for your patio isn’t that easy if​ you don’t know the specific details that would best suit your backyard. Here are a​ few things that you should keep in​ mind when choosing the umbrella for your situation and lifestyle.

1. Position. in​ choosing your desired umbrella for your backyard, you should consider where it​ would be placed to​ ensure that its purpose of​ shading could be served.

The location of​ the patio umbrella is​ important. There are two categories of​ the location of​ the umbrella: through table and free standing. Free standing umbrellas are used in​ large outdoor areas. it​ could shade different kinds of​ patio furniture of​ any size and shape depending on your preference. a​ through-table umbrella is​ basically placed in​ the center of​ the patio table and is​ commonly used as​ focal point of​ the outdoor area.

2. Umbrella Stands

This is​ the support of​ your patio umbrella. The stand or​ base would depend on how you intend to​ use it. in​ choosing the standard base of​ outdoor umbrellas, you should consider a​ heavy-duty support that could survive any weather. Free standing umbrellas require heavier bases than through-table umbrellas.

3. Size

The size of​ umbrellas would be determined by measuring its diameter. in​ choosing the exact size of​ patio umbrella, make sure to​ measure the table, chairs, or​ space to​ be shaded. The basic rule in​ calculating the diameter is​ that the umbrella should always be at​ least 4 to​ 5 feet larger than the intended area to​ be covered.

4. Umbrella Frames

There are two kinds of​ frames available to​ choose from - metal and wood umbrella frames. Selecting the frame would depend on how you intend to​ use the umbrella and which would match the theme of​ you patio. Metal umbrellas use push-button tilts or​ a​ crank lift. This lets the umbrella to​ be angled in​ any direction. Most metal umbrellas could be purchased with colored furnishes like black, champagne, or​ white. a​ wooden umbrella is​ usually opened manually by using a​ pulley method and could not be rotated. Hardwood and teak is​ the most common wooden umbrellas in​ stores.

5. Tilt Methods

There are three methods in​ tilting the umbrella - collar tilt, crank tilt and push-button. The collar tilt method is​ the most common and user-friendly. The umbrella tilts when you rotate the collar located on the frame.

6. Materials

The main purpose of​ your patio umbrella is​ to​ block the dangerous rays of​ the sun. This purpose would succeed depending on the materials of​ your canopy. The most common materials used are PVC, canvas and shade cloth. a​ PVC canopy could block 100% UV light and could survive bad weather. Canvas canopies are durable fabric that blocks out the sun effectively. it​ is​ not water resistant when purchased but it​ could be treated for your canopy to​ be waterproof. Shade cloth blocks 90-95% UV rays. it​ could resist small amounts of​ rain, but is​ not entirely waterproof.

7. Kinds

- Centre pole
The center pole is​ the most common type of​ patio umbrella. it​ is​ supported by a​ central pole. The ribs of​ the umbrella spread out from its pole. it​ is​ advisable to​ place a​ center pole umbrella into a​ solid and heavy base.

- Crank and tilt
The crank and tilt design is​ much similar to​ the center pole, but it​ is​ known to​ have a​ crank device between the pole and canopy which allows you to​ rotate the angle of​ the shade umbrella. This kind of​ umbrella is​ best for large outdoor areas because it​ enable you to​ block out the sun in​ any direction.

- Cantilever
The Cantilever umbrella hangs to​ the side of​ its frame. Its curved arm supports only one end. This kind of​ shade umbrella is​ suitable for large areas with dining sets underneath the umbrella or​ swimming pools beside the patio furniture because it​ could be rotated 360 degrees. Its shade could be positioned wherever it​ is​ needed.

- Pavilion
A pavilion is​ a​ square-shaded structure that is​ supported at​ its every corner. This kind of​ umbrella is​ used for a​ large outdoor space that could shade the entire family. Most pavilions are used in​ beaches or​ parks as​ temporary dining and entertaining area.

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