7 Critical Aspects Of A Fantastic Logo Design

7 Critical Aspects Of A Fantastic Logo Design

7 critical aspects of​ a​ fantastic logo design
When it​ comes to​ logo design, you ultimately want it​ to​ convey your brand in​ the best possible manner .​
At the same time you don’t want it​ to​ take up too much space .​
That is​ the greatest challenge – to​ be able to​ create a​ winning impact within the space constraints .​
Here are the 7 factors you need to​ consider to​ have a​ logo that spells success!
1 .​
Research always helps in​ effective logo design
Never make the mistake of​ rushing into creating a​ logo design .​
It will only make matters bad .​
You need to​ do a​ fair bit of​ research to​ understand the company, its objectives and mission as​ well as​ its business goals – both short and long term .​
You also need to​ know the demographics of​ the target audience .​
2 .​
Attractive and unique: two elements of​ great logo design
You would obviously want your logo design to​ catch the attention of​ the customer .​
At the same time it​ should not be screaming for attention .​
It should test the intellect of​ the customer; make him or​ her think a​ few minutes after seeing the logo .​
If you notice some of​ the top logo designs each of​ them have a​ unique aspect to​ it​ that depicts something about the company .​
3 .​
Simple and memorable logo design
One of​ things you need to​ really focus on is​ to​ make sure your logo design is​ not too cluttered or​ too fancy .​
This will just confuse the customer .​
Ultimately you want the customer to​ remember your brand .​
That will only happen if​ the logo is​ easy to​ remember .​
Also be sure that the logo sends out positive signals to​ the customer.
4 .​
Flexibility is​ a​ major issue in​ logo design
There are so many companies who invest a​ fortune on their logo design only to​ realize later that their logo doesn’t work on a​ product wrapper! What a​ waste of​ time and money! Your logo needs to​ be flexible enough to​ work and create a​ lasting impact on any medium whether it​ is​ a​ product wrapper, your company website or​ even any promotional materials you send out! That means you need to​ consider the size of​ the logo and the usage of​ appropriate colors .​
The colors used need to​ match well with any background while also helping the brand to​ stand out.
5 .​
Never clutter your logo in​ logo design
One critical mistake people make is​ to​ cram in​ too much information in​ their logo design .​
This makes your logo look cluttered not to​ mention the fact that customers will fail to​ remember your brand!
6 .​
Use fonts that promote readability in​ your logo design
You might select a​ font that looks great on paper but when you use it​ in​ the logo it​ hampers readability .​
There is​ absolutely no point using classy fonts in​ logo design if​ they are going to​ prevent customers from remembering you .​
Make sure fonts are easy on the eye.
7 .​
Usage of​ color in​ logo design
Great logo design will always focus on using complementary colors that looks good against a​ black or​ white background.

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