6 Things That We Have To Consider Before Buying A Bird

6 Things That We Have To Consider Before Buying A Bird

What to​ start with?

First we have to​ consider the following :

What can I afford?

The price of​ on parrot varies in​ large bounds in​ dependence with the species. You can buy for example a​ budgie for less than 10 $. The price of​ the cockatiel varies between 25 and 35 $. an​ Amazonian parrot and grey parrot can be purchased for about 300 – 400$, cockatoo for 1,000 $...... and the price of​ some parrots reaches $15,000! This is​ one of​ the initial questions which you have to​ answer.

How much space will the bird need?

Larger birds and even some of​ the small ones are very active physically and need big cages and space in​ which to​ play.

Is there any free time for the bird?

Probably this is​ the most important question. Birds are intelligent, playful and mostly “ social ” creatures. Will you have time to​ play with your bird? to​ care properly of​ it? Will it​ have the chance to​ be a​ part of​ your family? Consider the fact that birds live fairly long. a​ small parrot cockatiel lives for 20 years and more! Amazona or​ African grey parrot can live for 50, 60 and there are documented cases for birds that lived up to​ the respectable age of​ 100 years! Can you devote to​ this? it​ is​ not unusual to​ inherit birds for previous generations. Don't buy a​ bird if​ you think that you will soon get bored of​ it.

How noisy is​ the bird? Will the neighbors murmur?

Budgies and cockatiel are comparatively quiet. They are suitable to​ look after in​ a​ flat. Moluxco cockatoo could live in​ flat just if​ you have neighbors around you and six floors above / below you that like listening screams to​ cracking their ear - drums. The African grey parrot tends to​ be one of​ comparatively non-noisy parrots. Certainly, there are individual differences between birds. Somewhere there could be cockatoo, that don ' t make noisy to​ heaven. if​ really there could be found such, an​ enterprising person could make a​ fortune of​ it. Remember that noise is​ a​ subjective and relative sensation. a​ bird can be considered as​ “ non-noisy ” only at​ the background of​ another one,considered as​ noisy.

How “ destructive ” could a​ bird be?

Do you possess peerless old furniture? Rare books? Remember that these birds have strong beaks,. Some of​ them are less inclined to​ “ nibbling ” than others, but nibbling is​ completely natural behaviour for them.

Does the parrot need special food?

Lory parrots, for example, need a​ specialized diet. Do you have an​ opportunity and means to​ provide it? Once you have made a​ preliminary investigation and have decided what kind of​ parrot you want, you can go looking for it​ and buy it. NEVER, NEVER BUY a​ PARROT IMPULSIVELY!

6 Things That We Have To Consider Before Buying A Bird

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