6 Reasons Why John Reeses Vre Virtual Real Estate Concept Is The Way To
Go In 2018

6 Reasons Why John Reeses Vre Virtual Real Estate Concept Is The Way To Go In 2018

Who would of​ ever guessed that Virtual Real Estate on the​ Internet would one day make many netpreneurers thousands, if​ not, millions of​ dollars.

I know I sure didn't when I first got started online, but am glad I ran across the​ concept while searching the​ web one night.

The facts are true and​ John Reese who is​ an​ Internet pioneer and​ the​ author of​ one of​ the​ Internets most powerful home study courses called "Traffic Secrets" is​ just one of​ those individuals who is​ successfully profiting from his Virtual Real Estate empire as​ we speak.

John Reese has been around since the​ being when the​ Internet first became a​ commercial entity and​ knows what works and​ what doesn't online simply because he is​ known as​ a​ Test Freak(I mean that in​ a​ good way John).

If you want to​ read up more on John Reese go to​ ==>

Now, some of​ you might be wondering what Virtual Real Estate is​ so I'll give you a​ quick definition:

Virtual Real Estate is​ simply a​ Information Packed website with hundreds, if​ not, thousands of​ webpages full of​ targeted information.

That's all they are. it​ doesn't have to​ get any more complicated then that.

I'll also give you some examples of​ VRE sites towards the​ end of​ this article.

Now that you know what Virtual Real Estate is, what there main purpose is​ and​ who is​ successfully doing it​ right now, lets dive into the​ -- "6 Reasons WHY John Reese's VRE (Virtual Real Estate) Concept is​ the​ Way to​ Go in​ 2018".

Reason #1. People come online for​ Information.

One of​ the​ main reasons WHY people come online is​ to​ search for​ Information that's either related to​ a​ problem they're facing or​ for​ some consumer reviews on a​ particular product or​ service they're thinking about purchasing.

People rarely come online with the​ intent to​ buy something. Most of​ the​ time it's for​ Information.

How do you think the​ Internet got the​ nickname - the​ Information Super-Highway.

Reason #2. VRE sites can target any Niche.

This is​ the​ true beauty of​ VRE sites simply because they can target ANY niche on the​ planet, it​ doesn't matter.

They can be about Pets, Sports, Business, Family, Hobbies, and​ the​ list goes on and​ on.

I think you get the​ picture.

Reason #3. Us other peoples content.

The real cool thing about VRE sites is​ you don't have to​ produce ANY of​ your own content if​ you don't want to.

There are literally hundreds of​ places on the​ web where you can get and​ use other peoples work to​ build your VRE empire, and​ more importantly, they're more then happy to​ give it​ to​ you.

Reason #4. Google will pay you if​ you want.

Want to​ make some $CASH$ at​ the​ same time?

Good, because Google will happily pay you for​ adding a​ little piece of​ code to​ your webpages by signing up for​ their Google Adsense program, and​ depending on what market your targeting, they could pay you some handsome commissions every month and​ all that is​ required to​ get paid is​ for​ someone to​ click on one of​ the​ Googles ads.

And again, all this can be achieved without you writing a​ single word.

Pretty COOL!!

Reason #5. Add targeted affiliate programs for​ more $CASH$.

Want to​ make even more money with your VRE sites?

Depending on what market your targeting like in​ Reason #4, you can also add others peoples affiliate programs that are targeted towards the​ content within your VRE site that usually pay between 35% to​ 75% on every sale made.

If you've been online for​ any length of​ time then you know that content is​ an​ excellent way to​ Pre-Sell to​ your potential customer, so you've already gotten your foot in​ the​ door to​ possibably make a​ potential sale.

There are many places online that offer affiliate programs. Simply type in​ - affiliate directories - into any search engine and​ they will display all the​ results for​ you.

Reason #6. Unlimited FREE Traffic to​ your VRE sites.

The more your VRE site or​ sites grow, the​ more FREE targeted traffic you'll get.

Your probably asking, "where the​ heck does this FREE traffic come from?"

I'll tell you where it​ comes from. it​ comes from search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo!, just to​ name a​ few.

Content is​ "Search Engine Food". and​ search engines love content, so in​ order for​ them to​ be continually fed the​ search engines send out a​ little robots called "Spiders" which crawl the​ web continuously looking for​ NEW webpages to​ index into their database.

So, the​ more content that is​ added to​ your VRE site or​ sites, the​ more often these little "Spiders" will stop by to​ give your VRE site a​ crawl and​ index any new content you've added.

Point being, the​ more optimized webpages your VRE site or​ sites have that get index, the​ more FREE search engine traffic you'll receive.

Do you see NOW how Powerful VRE sites are and​ why you should consider building a​ network of​ these that target different niches?

All your doing is​ giving your potential customer what they want which is​ Information and​ at​ the​ same time offering them a​ solution by adding Google Adsense ads and​ targeted affiliate programs, which is​ where you get paid for​ your efforts.

And remember, you don't even have to​ write a​ single word if​ you don't want to, and​ you still get paid!

John Reese really hit a​ home run with this concept I have to​ say which is​ way he encourages all to​ start building and​ growing them in​ 2018.

Now as​ I mentioned at​ the​ beginning that I would give you some examples of​ what a​ VRE site might be so here are a​ few examples for​ you to​ get started with: Article Directories, Review Sites, Directories, Mini Sites and​ Niche Blogs.

Well, that's it. Now it's up to​ you to​ get your creative juices flowing and​ start building your network of​ profitable VRE sites.

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