6 Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders

6 Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders

1. Offer an​ email course.

Write up a​ course or​ use your articles to​ create a​ course that you can offer to​ your visitors.

You'll be able to​ educate people about your product, and increase your sales by showing them the benefits they'll get from purchasing from you.

2. Send excerpts of​ your ebook.

Increase your sales by showing your visitors firsthand the valuable information you have to​ offer them.

Simply string together excerpts of​ several or​ maybe just one chapter of​ your ebook, and then offer your autoresponder series to​ your visitors.

If you have an​ affiliate program, increase your sales by making this autoresponder series (as well as​ any email course you offer) available to​ your affiliates.

3. Publish an​ ezine.

With broadcast capable autoresponders, you'll be able to​ double opt in​ all your new subscribers and send out your issues on the schedule you want.

Promote your ezine on your site, and submit it​ to​ ezine directories and ezine announcement lists.

If you write articles, you can also get more new subscribers by using your resource box to​ promote your ezine.

You can also promote your ezine in​ your signature file and get more new subscribers through your day to​ day emails and also from your posts to​ discussion lists and forums that you're a​ member of.

4. Offer a​ sample issue.

Make one of​ your best, current ezine issues available by autoresponder.

Then offer it​ on your site, and also, when you can, include it​ along with your other ezine information when you submit your ezine to​ ezine directories.

5. Publish an​ article announcement list.

Get more ezine publishers and webmasters to​ publish your articles on a​ regular basis by creating a​ list that announces when you've written a​ new article or​ articles.

You'll be able to​ keep in​ touch with people that enjoy your writing, helping you to​ get your articles published more often and increase traffic to​ your site.

6. Make a​ training course available to​ your affiliates.

Offer a​ generic email training course that your affiliates can use to​ learn how to​ successfully promote your products and earn commissions.

Your affiliates will have a​ handy resource that they can print out and go back to​ again and again, and you'll be able to​ increase your profits by helping your affiliates get started on the right track.

6 Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders

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