5 Ways To Make Money With One Article

5 Ways To Make Money With One Article

Would you like to​ know a​ winning formula on​ how to​ make money on​ the​ Web from writing articles? Here's how I do it: I write an​ article,​ create 4-5 versions of​ it,​ and sell it​ for use by others in​ my same profession. in​ fact,​ just that one part of​ my business generates enough income to​ fully support myself comfortably. Just about anyone in​ any profession or​ business can copy this formula.

I write articles for executive coaches and business consultants. They use different versions of​ my articles in​ their own newsletters,​ with their own names in​ the​ byline. When they purchase an​ article,​ they get reprint rights,​ but not exclusivity. But since they are in​ all parts of​ the​ country,​ and the​ world,​ they don't bump into others using the​ same article. They are also free to​ change the​ article.

This formula can be used in​ any industry. Let's say you are a​ veterinarian. You know a​ lot about pets,​ and about your vet clinic clients. You can easily write articles that appeal to​ your customers who are pet owners. You may already write and publish a​ regular newsletter with articles that appeal to​ your clients and potential clients.

What's to​ stop you from writing your article to​ suit the​ needs of​ other vets who need to​ send out a​ newsletter? You post a​ brief synopsis of​ this article on​ your website for vets,​ offering it​ to​ them for a​ fee. They buy the​ reprint rights,​ and it​ gets used by hundreds of​ other vets who want to​ save themselves time and energy on​ their own newsletters.

That is​ one way of​ making money by writing articles on​ the​ Web,​ but here are four more ways,​ all from the​ same article.

This same article is​ revised several times in​ several lengths. it​ can be sold in​ three different lengths,​ for example,​ 2000 words to​ form a​ 4-page newsletter,​ 1000 words for a​ 2-page newsletter,​ and 600-700 words for electronic email ezines. That makes three more ways to​ sell the​ same article.

You also take that same article,​ change the​ title,​ make it​ more personal adding your own experiences,​ including your personal details and website links. You submit it​ to​ article directories on​ the​ web.

This version of​ your article with your name on​ it​ gets picked up - this time for free - by other websites looking for content. Each time another website publishes your article on​ their site,​ they link back to​ your site. the​ more incoming links you have to​ your website,​ the​ higher value the​ search engines give you.

This means you will start coming up higher in​ the​ search engine rankings when people type in​ key words in​ Google or​ one of​ the​ other search directories. That is​ a​ fifth way to​ make money from the​ same article. This technique is​ more indirect. Your article is​ being used for free,​ but the​ linking power will drive new customers to​ your site.

Finally,​ you can use this same article,​ or​ another altered version of​ it​ on​ your own website and blogs,​ to​ attract new clients to​ you. Having quality content on​ your site and on​ your blogs will ensure that readers appreciate your expertise and use your services,​ or​ buy your products.

Here's a​ bonus idea for making money from your articles: compile a​ group of​ articles about the​ same topic,​ format them into a​ PDF e-book,​ and sell it​ on​ your site.

You probably have knowledge and expertise in​ your own field that others would pay for,​ in​ order to​ have quality content for their own newsletters. This method requires good writing skills,​ or​ you can hire a​ professional editor to​ help you. it​ also requires you master the​ art of​ marketing on​ the​ web in​ order to​ reach potential buyers of​ your articles. to​ market successfully,​ you can submit your articles to​ the​ many article directories on​ the​ Web,​ and quickly build traffic to​ your websites and blogs.

5 Ways To Make Money With One Article

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