5 Ways To Lose Respect As An Seo

5 Ways To Lose Respect As An Seo

The world of​ search engine optimization is​ quite competitive. For a​ search engine optimization company to​ be successful,​ it​ is​ important to​ develop a​ strong,​ well-respected online presence. Here are five ways that are guaranteed to​ keep your SEO company from gaining respect:

1) a​ poorly designed web site

Nothing says “amateur” like a​ poorly designed web site. if​ your web site looks like it​ was created by an​ eleven year old with Microsoft FrontPage,​ you​ are going to​ have an​ extremely hard time convincing people to​ hire you. Even though you​ may be an​ SEO and not a​ web designer,​ people still expect your web site to​ have a​ professional appearance. Showing your potential clients your unattractive web site is​ like showing up to​ a​ job interview in​ shorts and a​ t-shirt. if​ you​ don’t have an​ eye for web design,​ do yourself a​ favor and hire a​ web designer to​ create a​ professional looking web site for your company.

2) Ranking poorly for your company’s name

If you​ really want to​ ensure that no one hires you​ for your search engine optimization services,​ make sure that your company web site ranks poorly in​ Google for its own name. Better yet,​ make sure it​ doesn’t even get indexed! if​ you​ cannot even get your company’s web site to​ rank well for its own name,​ chances are search engine optimization is​ not the​ field for you. you​ don’t have to​ rank on​ the​ first page of​ Google for search engine optimization or​ search engine marketing (although it​ is​ very useful if​ you​ do),​ but at​ least rank number one for your company’s name.

3) Spamming

Unless you​ are David Naylor,​ spamming is​ not going to​ attract any potential clients. Whether you​ are trying to​ spam your company to​ the​ front page of​ Digg or​ just posting tons of​ useless threads on​ forums to​ build up your back links,​ spamming is​ frowned upon by most of​ the​ general population.

4) Bad spelling and grammar

This may seem like a​ minor detail,​ but bad spelling and grammar can have the​ same effect as​ a​ poorly designed web site. Whether its ten typos on​ your home page or​ poorly written forum posts,​ bad spelling and grammar makes you​ and your company look much less professional. This is​ something that can easily be avoided by proofreading what you​ type before you​ post or​ submit it. if​ you​ really have a​ hard time putting together coherent sentences,​ invest in​ a​ copy of​ the​ Elements of​ Style.

5) Taking on​ jobs that you​ can’t handle

If you​ take on​ a​ client and promise them that their web site will rank on​ the​ first page of​ Google for Viagra,​ chances are that relationship is​ going to​ end badly. it​ is​ extremely important to​ not only be realistic with your clients about their expectations,​ but also not to​ ever take on​ a​ job that you​ know you​ won’t be able to​ accomplish. Taking someone’s money and not delivering results is​ a​ guaranteed way to​ drag your company’s name and reputation through the​ mud!

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