5 Ways To Increase Your Profits With Mailing Lists

5 Ways To Increase Your Profits With Mailing Lists

Do you have a​ mailing list? When was the last time you had a​ look at​ how profitable the list is​ for you and made sure everything was up to​ date?

You’re likely one of​ the many people who’ve set up their list, got busy, and then forgot about it​ for a​ while. There are many things you can do right now to​ start making more money with your mailing list.

1. List Checkup – Go through every single message you have in​ your autoresponder series. This may take you a​ while to​ get through if​ you have a​ lot of​ messages set up, but it’s worth it.

Recently I switched my website format over to​ a​ wordpress site and deleted a​ lot of​ the pages from the other design. I had my autoresponder setup to​ refer to​ articles on my older site and with the update these were out of​ date and needed fixing, so I had to​ go back in​ and change the links. if​ your series of​ messages are too long and it’s just too much to​ handle by yourself hire a​ VA to​ help.

2. Opt-in Location – Do people know about your list? Don’t assume everyone will find you because you have an​ opt-in box in​ one or​ two locations on your website.

When setting up your list and describing it​ you’ll want to​ make sure that you deliver exactly what you offer then and beyond. a​ bullet-point list works well to​ let people know what your list offers without requiring too much of​ their attention to​ get them to​ read.

Many people make their list stand out by offering up a​ free ebook or​ report for signing up to​ the list. Other ideas are offer up an​ audio or​ a​ video. Whatever you offer make sure it​ is​ of​ high valuable and something that makes signing up for your list irresistible.

3. Add landing pages - You should be using double opt-ins to​ make sure your list has really requested to​ sign up. After the initial sign-up you will be able to​ direct them to​ a​ landing page. Make sure that landing page they come to​ grabs their attention and tells them to​ confirm, you could use something like this:

IMPORTANT: Please check your email inbox and confirm your subscription so that we can send you the information you requested.

Use that landing page to​ make an​ offer on your own product or​ offer an​ affiliate product. or​ if​ you have a​ service based-business and want them to​ get to​ know you better then direct them to​ your articles page.

Once they confirm in​ their email you will be given another opportunity to​ create a​ specific landing page. Use that page to​ make another offer, or​ lead them to​ your website to​ read more information or​ articles.

You’ve got people’s attention once they get to​ your landing page and they HAVE to​ go somewhere once they’re done - it​ might as​ well be somewhere you can suggest to​ them so that you benefit from it.

4. Promote – Think of​ the places where you promote your list. is​ it​ just in​ one little box on your website? There are many other places that you should be using to​ promote your mailing list.

Write articles that you submit to​ directories that have a​ bio leading to​ your opt-in page.
Make a​ special offer in​ your signature on forums (if they allow it)
Add a​ signature to​ your emails that tells people why they need to​ sign up for your list
Blog about your list and why they should join it​

5. Contact as​ often as​ possible - You’ve heard this before but it’s time for a​ reminder. if​ your prospects don’t hear from you on a​ regular basis then they will forget about you and why the signed up in​ the first place.

How often you contact them will depend on what your list is​ about but it’s often said that you must be making contact at​ least once a​ month if​ you want to​ be remembered. Many topics will require you to​ contact your list once a​ week and this is​ perfectly acceptable to​ them because they asked for this information.

5 Ways To Increase Your Profits With Mailing Lists

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