5 Ways To Get Your Website Noticed

5 Ways To Get Your Website Noticed

Your website is​ just one of​ the​ billion sites parked on the​ World Wide Web. Chances are, you don’t think yours will ever get noticed.
We hear your cries for​ cyber attention. Here are five ways to​ get people clicking on to​ your site.

1.) Make sure it’s professional looking.
No one likes looking at​ website that reminds them of​ a​ book report they wrote back in​ school. Invest in​ learning a​ good web design program (Dreamweaver MX and​ Microsoft Frontpage are good picks), and​ let your creative juices flow. Make sure it’s compelling, well-designed, and​ organized. People don’t exactly find it​ fun to​ weed through haystacks of​ cyberfiles to​ get the​ information that they want.
On that note, don’t make it​ a​ heavy site. Putting up some flash intros may be great eye candy, but the​ average internet surfer only waits 10 seconds for​ a​ page to​ load, and​ then they’re off to​ the​ next.

2.) Put your URL on every search engine possible.
Putting your URL on business cards and​ bugging your family and​ friends to​ check out your site won’t exactly increase traffic. Submitting it​ to​ search engines will make it​ easier for​ people to​ find you, provided that your webpage carries the​ topics they’re looking for. to​ understand how a​ search engine works, think of​ it​ as​ a​ “spider”: it​ crawls through your website, picking up words and​ information which would later be indexed in​ the​ search engine’s database. So make sure you pepper your site with keywords you think are relevant to​ what people are looking for. Web directories, like Yahoo!, are operated by humans who actually categorize the​ websites themselves.
If you don’t feel like submitting your website to​ numerous directories, consider subscribing to​ sites like www.submit-it.com, who, for​ a​ fee, will automatically submit your site to​ search engines and​ directories for​ you.

3.) Link everywhere.
Find other sites that carry similar content as​ yours and​ ask to​ exchange links. Create banners to​ be placed on other peoples’ websites, and​ offer to​ the​ same for​ them on your site. Add your URL on your e-mail signature. Join webrings if​ you must—there’s nothing like strength in​ numbers.

4.) Advertise offline.
The world of​ cyberspace isn’t enough to​ get you noticed. Write up press releases and​ send them to​ local newspapers and​ magazines. Print out fliers to​ be distributed. Just make sure that your site is​ already up and​ running to​ avoid giving people a​ bad impression (no one likes getting pumped up for​ something only to​ get disappointed).

5.) Interact with your readers.
Put up forums or​ message boards for​ your visitors to​ interact with each other. Chat rooms are often time-consuming for​ some, while message boards allows them to​ check back every so often for​ replies. Create an​ e-mail list so you can update your visitors about new developments, and​ always be open to​ feedback—that’s what will make your site even better.

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