5 Ways To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Your Holiday

5 Ways To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Your Holiday

Travel insurance is​ one of​ those areas that mean nothing to​ you​ until you​ decide to​ hit the​ road – or​ the​ air – then suddenly every ad is​ for travel insurance and everywhere you​ look another company is​ touting for your business. So how do you​ choose the​ best insurance company and the​ best travel insurance for your unique travelling needs?

5 Points to​ Consider

1.The cost of​ the​ policy could be more than what you​ pay

When reviewing the​ policy options never start with the​ price first. as​ with most things in​ life you​ get what you​ pay for and while you​ want to​ be sure to​ get the​ best value for your money,​ this does not necessarily mean the​ cheapest price. Comprehensive cover that delivers and supports in​ time of​ need is​ what you​ should be looking for.

2.What back up do you​ receive in​ an​ emergency?

Are you​ being sent on​ your world tour with a​ 9 to​ 5 Monday to​ Friday contact number or​ are you​ provided with fully comprehensive numbers providing 24/7 contact and support,​ reverse charge options and 0800 numbers.

3.What is​ included as​ standard in​ your policy

Some companies come in​ with a​ low rate and then charge extra for every doorknob eventually leading to​ over inflated cover. Go through the​ company’s policy offerings to​ be sure exactly what you​ are covered for. the​ range should be extensive as​ the​ company should know and have addressed a​ range of​ pitfalls you​ may not have thought of.

4.Who underwrites and supports the​ company

Establish who your support company will be should you​ face a​ medical emergency or​ the​ need for evacuation. Most companies do not handle these highly specialised areas themselves but have aligned themselves with skilled and experienced worldwide organisations to​ ensure the​ best possible protection and support for their customers.

5.Does the​ company cater for varying needs?

Does the​ company provide a​ one size fits all policy? Beware,​ you​ may be paying for cover you​ don’t need or​ be under insured in​ some critical areas. Look for a​ company which provides a​ range of​ covers including NZ only travel policies,​ backpacker,​ group or​ duo options,​ long stay,​ one way or​ gap insurance and more.

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